The Crew 2 Welcomes American Legends

Welcome the new season.
Welcome the new season. Ubisoft

The latest free update for The Crew 2 is now available. Season 5 Episode 1 is all about American Legends. There’s a new game mode and, of course, a new Motorpass. Prepare to enjoy some exclusive features available throughout the season.

New Game Mode

Everyone knows that the US is full of secrets and there are life bits and treasures waiting to be discovered. Not that surprising considering that the archivist has collected a lot over the years. These include notes, objects, and even memories. The good news is that he’s finally decided to reveal things so it’s time to investigate the truth.

What’s going to happen is that across the season, the archivist is giving players access to two new stories each week. For each, clues help players trace the origin of the tales. In these adventures, intuition and observation skills are your allies.

New Vehicles

The new season is introducing new vehicles. They’re pretty much the rewards given to those who have good investigative skills. Remember that the longer the story, the better the treasure.

In addition to the rewards offered in the stories and in the Motorpass, expect to see new vehicle drops throughout the Episode.

Learn more about Season 5 Episode 1 here.

Handling Improvements

The American Legends arrive in the game courtesy of a new patch which also introduces some changes. One of these is the improvements done to handling. With this new update, all future vehicles are going to have better grip and handling. In addition, the new Special Editions of previously released vehicles continue to feature the pre-Inner Drive handling model.

Mid-Term Plan

The team also revealed the mid-term plan which is to identify if the changes implemented are aligned with what is expected by the community. The team is also looking into how quickly they can start rolling out additional changes to more cars, particularly of the RX category. Feedback plays an important part.

Check out the complete patch notes here. Are you ready to meet the American Legends?

The Crew 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia.

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