Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Mousesports vs. FURIA cs_summit 7

Mousesports vs FURIA cs_summit 7
Mousesports vs FURIA cs_summit 7 Youtube

The cs_summit 7 matches between mousesports and FURIA have concluded. The matchup between the two teams was played in a best of three series.

Nuke was the first map of the series. mousesports made a risky decision on Round 3 by spending all the points on weapons and utility. This move is considered dangerous because if mousesports lost the round, they would take much longer to recover from the loss. However, mousesports managed to win the round with only two players remaining. The first half went 12-3 in favor of mousesports, which showed some impressive plays.

Although FURIA started to win a few rounds in the second half, mousesports lead pushed them to victory with a 16-7 scoreline on Nuke.

The second and final map was Inferno. Both teams performed extremely well, yet mousesports had an upper hand by score because they won the first map. mousesports was leading 4-2 and FURIA reacted with more aggressive plays. It did work at least in a few rounds including the play of Lucas "Honda" Cano who clutched a 1v2 situation for FURIA on Round 14. mousesports was fighting in spawn and lined up for Honda, which allowed him to get a quick double kill with AK and win that round.

The final round was dismal to watch for FURIA fans, as FURIA had no points left to buy weapons and had to run around with pistols and SMG. Because the opposing team was at a major disadvantage, mousesports won the final map with a 16-14 scoreline.

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