Core Keeper Roadmap Reveals Two Free Updates Launching This March

See what's being planned.
See what's being planned. Pugstorm

A new roadmap content has been released for Core Keeper revealing the updates and features coming this year. Many of them are happening in March and will be followed by more later in the year.

The first set of new content is arriving on March 8, the time the game will celebrate its first year in early access. This anniversary update is free and features new seasonal items, including birthday hats and even a birthday cake which can permanently increase the player’s health. There's even a permanent new music sheet for indie favorite Terraria. Those able to find and equip this music sheet can play a track from Terraria through fully-playable musical instruments.

Later in March, players can download the free Cherry Blossom Festival update. This one features new cherry trees and flowers which players can use to decorate their underground world. After that, players can look forward to an Easter event in April that will introduce new seasonal outfits, decorative items, and environmental effects.

The Pets Arrive

The roadmap also revealed that the next major content update is scheduled this spring. It’s going to introduce pets to the game for the very first time, letting players discover, adopt, and take care of different animals. More details on this update will be revealed at a later date. By the way, for now, it’s called the “Animal Update” but the final name is to be announced soon.

New Biome

Later in the year, another major content update is coming out to introduce a new crystal-based biome which players can explore. There are also new locations, enemies, characters, and a huge boss. Of course, there are new materials, crafting options, and equipment as well. There’s no final title to this update yet, so it’s called the “Crystal Update.”

A Price Increase

Developer Pugstorm revealed that the price of the game is going to increase. For those who already have the game, this won't affect them. The price change is likely to occur after the “Animal Update” goes live.

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