Cooking Simulator: Shelter Patch 2 Features Improved Skewer

Cooking Simulator Patch 2
Cooking Simulator Patch 2 Steam

Patch 2 for Cooking Simulator: Shelter has been launched recently, and it features an improved skewer and the ability to remove a plant monster using a knife.

The skewer has been fixed, which means that the bug preventing you from placing any product on it has been squashed. Furthermore, the developers added the possibility for you to purchase products directly from spawners and place those on the skewer. This feature is available on both the base game and Shelter DLC.

Some graphical improvements have been implemented too. The issue where ingredients would rotate by themselves while on the cutting board has been resolved. You can also see the improvement in the UI as things are easier to read and navigate now after applying the update.

For the base game and other DLCs, pouring honey now works as intended. Texture and visual improvements have been applied to the Pizza DLC. Lastly, new frames are added to the photo mode as well.

Patch 2 Changelog

  • Improved skewer: fixed placing products on the skewer. Added possibility to directly buy and place products on a skewer from spawners - also in the base game
  • Graphic improvements for diodes and heated materials
  • Ability to remove plant monster with a knife
  • Fixed bug when the player could hold two skewers at the same time
  • Pots will no longer fall through the gas stove
  • Fixed player position at the start of a day
  • Improved containers behavior when filled with products
  • Ingredients should no longer rotate by themselves while on the cutting board
  • Current mutant population now saves and loads correctly
  • Improved mutant population behavior
  • Fixed Shattered achievement - now it correctly sums up all broken plates
  • UI improvements to make it easier to read and navigate
  • Added missing functions in the handbook for controller
  • Various sound fixes and improvements
  • Performance improvements and reduced memory consumption that increases with game time
  • Minor various bug fixes and improvements across the board
  • Honey pouring has been fixed
  • Fixed text going out of frame on phone in quests app in Pizza DLC
  • Texture improvements and generally visual improvements for Pizza DLC
  • The ringing timer will now turn off automatically after two minutes
  • Added new frames for photo mode linked to Shelter

Cooking Simulator: Shelter Patch 2 is now available on PC.

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