Cooking Simulator: Shelter Patch 1 Now Available

Cooking Simulator: Shelter Patch 1
Cooking Simulator: Shelter Patch 1 Steam

Who said that cooking in a post-apocalyptic world should be dreary? In Cooking Simulator: Shelter, you can still create delectable dishes despite living in a vapid environment.

Anyway, the first update for the Shelter DLC is here, and it has some pretty incredible stuff. For one, a dish counter is added to the quest checklist. This will make your life easier as it can help you track your quest’s progress, especially those that require unique dishes.

Available special orders are now based only on ingredients and recipes that you’ve unlocked already.

Those who have encountered an issue where the game would freeze after pressing the “Reset to Default” option in the Control Settings can breathe a sigh of relief as this has been resolved.

Another significant change is that the volume in cutscenes will now be affected by the sound slider instead of the music slider.

Patch Notes

  • All localized texts will now display properly in offline mode or with connection issues
  • Unlocked additional items at the start of Career in the Classic kitchen
  • Buying the gun too early in the tutorial will no longer block the progression
  • Added dish counter to the quest checklist. This change will make it easier to track progress in quests requiring preparing a few unique dishes.
  • Game will no longer freeze after pressing "Reset To Default" in Control Settings
  • Tutorial will now progress when using either a small or large ladle for pouring the soup
  • Available special orders will only be based only on already unlocked ingredients and recipes
  • Added a hint for picking up the monster remains (Pro tip: you can remove the monster from the plant spot by using the rifle)
  • Aiming down sights with the barrel upgrade unlocked will no longer block the view
  • The 'It stings' and 1 hidden achievement are now unlockable
  • Swapped the Cactus Juice label for the correct one
  • Plant hover will no longer disappear while watering the plants
  • Cutscene volume will now be adjusted by the sound slider instead of the music slider
  • Fixed delivery pickup issues caused by saving the game during the Fast Delivery arrival
  • Fixed collision detection for the gun stand
  • The shaft outline will now appear only when there's a package available for pickup.
  • Improved move area for photo mode camera
  • Improved throw power for booster bottles
  • Fixed pinning of recipes when using gamepad
  • Stains will no longer appear under the table when watering the plants
  • Container hovers will now scroll properly after pausing the game
  • Minor UI improvements

Cooking Simulator: Shelter Patch 1 is now available on PC.

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