Cooking Simulator to Offer Post-Apocalyptic Meals with Shelter DLC

Cook to survive.
Cook to survive. Big Cheese Studio

If you think that Cooking Simulator is like other cooking games, then this new DLC is sure to change your mind. That’s because the new Shelter DLC brings you to an apocalyptic world where your cooking could be the key to your survival.

The new DLC offers an immersive story mode where players are on a quest to find their long-lost family. During their journey, players reach an area known as Sector 12 and find a well-preserved shelter. There are also radio towers nearby which could be useful when looking for a lost family. The thing is, players need the help of nearby settlements to fix them. These survivors won’t help a total stranger that easily though. To gain their trust, players must use their cooking skills.

Settlement Quests

Players need to complete quests handed by four camps present in the sector, which are:

  • Cattle breeders family from MacStump's ranch
  • Mutated miners of Stedler Camp
  • Survivors operating in a steelworks facility in Firepit Plant
  • Remnants from the former military base

The camps are really diversified so those cooking skills are really going to be put to the test. There are also new challenges instead of the usual list of orders. For example, players need to prepare cow forage with medicines for MacStumps. There’s even a quest where players need to deliver highly radioactive food for those mutated miners.

Completing the quests allow players to unlock different rewards like resources, gun upgrades, or new recipes. When the final quest of each settlement is finished, they give special parts that can be used to repair the radio towers.

In case players find themselves in need of some extra cash or other supplies, they can take up to three additional side-quests each day.

The Shelter DLC is launching on November 18 and is to be offered at a 15% discount.

In Cooking Simulator players take control of a realistic kitchen equipped with different kinds of utensils and stands. There are more than 80 recipes to unlock and master. It’s available on PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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