Content Warning is Free on Steam until April 2

Ready to be a content creator? Landfall

In celebration of April Fool's Day, Landfall has released its latest title Content Warning. This first-person-content-creation and cooperative horror game has players explore an entrance to an old forbidden world while filming silly videos in the hopes of getting famous on SpookTube. However, that's not that only big news since the game is currently available on Steam for free until April 2 at 12:00 p.m. ET. After that it's going to cost $7.99.

Landfall has long been known to offer something special to the community every April Fool's day. That's also because within the community, April 1 is also known as Landfall Day. There have been some notable releases since this tradition started way back in 2016. There was Supertruck in 2016 and then Totally Accurate Battlegrounds in 2018. Get to learn more about it here.

In Content Warning, players can choose to go solo or form a team with one to three other players. Players get to customize their character with the ASCII face customizer and communicate with the team through an in-game voice chat. As they go on this journey of filming content, they get to encounter creepy creatures having their own wild physics or discover cursed relics.

Here are some other details of the game:

  • Go Down to the Old World
    • Form a squad, customize the character, and buy some gear.
    • Once that's done, use the diving bell and go down to the Old World.
  • Film something scary
    • Film as many scary things as possible before running out of oxygen.
  • Upload to SpookTube
    • For those who are able to survive, they'll need to get back in the diving bell to transport them, and any remaining members of the team, to the surface.
    • Upload the footage to SpooktTube and wait for the views to tick up.
  • Earn Profit
    • Each run goes on for 3 days.
    • The scarier stuff filmed, the better chances of going viral.
    • The ad revenue from the SpookTube videos allows players to upgrade their gear to film better videos and survive more easily in the Old World.
    • If the team gets enough views in three days, players can continue to keep going with their SpookTube Career.

Get Content Warning on Steam now.

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