Conquest of Elysium Update 5.12 New Content and Bug Fixes

 Conquest of Elysium
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Conquest of Elysium recently received a new update that added new content and fixes some issues.

The developers introduced nine new magic items, which will help players conquer land and fight foes using magical resources. These magic items may come in handy while players are facing the new Giant Locust monster, which was released in this update.

The developers fixed an issue where the monster fish did not kill any units in its belly. Additionally, the saving system can now be filtered by dates and sorting. This is very helpful for players who have multiple save files and want to filter them accordingly.

Conquest of Elysium Update 5.12

General Changes
  • The Arch Devil will now leave his citadel if the apocalypse occurs
  • The Lord of Corruption will now leave his citadel if the infernal gate remains open for too long
  • Empire's Cardinal can break seals if Inferno is invading
  • Names drawn on commander tokens in army setup
  • Ambushes now start centered on a defending commander if any
  • Baron can now create vassals from Unicorn Knights too
  • Some animals may now revert to being independents after their owner is defeated
  • Some Enchanter guardians might become Empire controlled if he is defeated
  • Cursed false life artifacts created by Enchanter will now usually end up on a suitable target
  • Ravenous Curse on some terrains didn't yield anything, fixed
  • Fix for scrollbar on ritual screen
  • Blindness fix
  • No longer possible to swallow yourself
  • Destroying a spider thicket now results in a dead forest.
  • Stupid units could be led after being charmed, fixed
  • Fix for visible independent moves showing incorrect units
  • Can no longer recruit normal units in sea citadels
  • Planar tomes didn't work properly, fixed
  • Particle effects for Troll Forests
  • Fire Shield spells now only affects friendly units
  • Can now remove insane commander from followers
  • No bushes on frozen sea or cloud battlegrounds
  • Better setup for large monsters defending towers
  • Mirrors can now survive underwater
  • Rubble is now immune to petrification
  • Oak Golems and Forest Shepherds are now immune to Tangle Vines
  • Monster Snail got an AoE attack
  • Can now swap magic items directly with another already equipped unit
  • Improved placement of portrait when viewing stats
  • Main map graphics performance improvement
AI Improvements
  • AI now only upgrade full batches of units to avoid wasting resources
  • AI better at redistributing items
  • AI Cloud Lord improvements
  • AI enchanter improvement
  • AI better at using ships
  • AI improved strength assessment
  • AI better at avoiding hopeless fights
  • AI more careful with frozen waters

You can read more about the update here.

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