Conqueror’s Blade: The Scorpio Arrives November 24

It's time for a new season.
It's time for a new season. Booming Tech

The new season of Conqueror’s Blade arrives on November 24 as a free update. Dubbed as “Scorpio,” it’s set to introduce new land as well as types of warfare inspired by ancient Persia.

This upcoming content of the new season will be released in two parts. The new units, season campaigns, and map revamps are coming out on November 24, with the new weapon class scheduled for release on December 8.

You can watch the new cinematic trailer that reveals the new weapon and units in action below:

New Weapon Class

The new weapon class is Chain Dart and Scimitar, the 13th in the game. This is the weapon of choice for those who want to be considered as a true assassin. With this, players can hook enemies into a devastating attack or release a smoke bomb and retreat to safety while planning the next hit.

The Chain Dart and Scimitar are going to be available shortly after the new season is launched. Players can unlock this new weapon class starting December 8 through new Weapon Challenges.

New Followers

The new season introduces players to a new set of followers inspired by ancient Persian factions. These are:

  • Jangjus (3-Star)
    • This unit specializes in melee and close-range combat and uses scimitars and throwing knives.
    • They fight fearlessly in the face of an unstoppable enemy army with unshakeable bravery.
  • Camel Lancers (4-Star)
    • An elite cavalry unit seen as a symbol of military might.
    • Their speed may not match horses, but their stamina is unrivaled.
  • Hashashins (5-Star)
    • Dangerous, elusive, and determined.
    • The Hashashins have been trained in agility and stealth to let them sneak attack any foe with their guard down.

Map Revamps

The upcoming season also sees the continuation of revamped maps in the game. The Kurak Castle and Reginopolis maps now have new features where the battle is more engaging than ever.

A new Seasonal Campaign also kicks off with players being able to start their quest in Borderlands or Anadolou. They need to play weekly to secure their standing.

For the new season, players fighting in the Territory Wars with their House and completing Stages can get ready for the final fight in Daicheng at the end of the season. Making things sweeter is that Territory Wars scoring has been updated and now gives players with rewards that match their performance in matches.

Conqueror’s Blade is free to download on PC through its official website or via Steam.

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