Combat Platformer Exception Gets An Announcement Trailer

It will see a multiplatform release sometime this summer.
Exception will be released sometime this summer across all platforms.
Exception will be released sometime this summer across all platforms. Traxmaster Software

Developer Traxmaster Software has just released an announcement trailer for its debut title, Exception, which is the latest addition to the platforming genre. That said, Excpetion brings a whole new approach to playing platformers.

Exception is set inside an elderly woman’s computer system, which has been taken over by a totalitarian virus named ‘Titan’. Players take on the role of the hero (presumably an anti-virus of sorts) whose task is to battle and eradicate the invading malware before the whole computer system crashes.

The combat platforming genre usually follows a tried and tested formula, but Exception attempts to turn it on its toes by combining and utilizing the both the 2D and 3D space in its game world, providing multiple approaches to a single level. The platforms transform and turn up into down, walls into floors and obstacles into vantage points. The announcement trailer tells the whole story, more or less. Exception looks intimidating and tempting to play at the same time, what with the fast-paced gameplay, dizzying orientation shifts and the screen cluttered with enemy projectiles (reminiscent of old school arcade game Strikers 1945) that the player needs to dodge to survive.

“As a hardcore NES nerd, I feel inspired by games like Ninja Gaiden and Castlevania and feel like simplicity is the key to a great gaming experience,” Will Traxler, founder of the one-man developer studio Traxmaster Software, said in a press statement. “Exception has this old school vibe with a modern rotating twist that takes advantage of today’s 3D technology. It’s a game which is easy to pick up and play and will bring joy for a novice gamer just as much as it will for a professional speedrunner.”

Aside from its innovative level transforming element, Exception also provides “nearly two hours of Synthwave tracks,” which should fit the vibe for the game’s story perfectly. Also, a leaderboards system through Steam will be implemented, giving the opportunity for players to discover multiple play styles to top specific leaderboards.

Exception will be made available sometime during the summer of 2019, and according to its website, it will be available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

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