The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters Arriving To PS4 And Switch On June 19

Finally arriving to consoles.
Finally arriving to consoles. Headup

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters is finally heading to consoles on June 19. Before you jump for joy, this is only going to be for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The Xbox One version is schedule to be launched later this year.

The Coma 2 was originally launched to Steam Early Access back in November 2019 with a full release on January 29 of this year. According to its information on Steam, the reviews have so far been Overwhelmingly Positive.

The game follows the story that was first introduced in The Coma: Recut. This time the focus is on Mina Park, a side-character in the first game. While this can be considered as a sequel, players new to the game will be able to immediately get into the story even without knowing anything about the first game.

In The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters, Mina awakens in the middle of the night and in school. She eventually realizes that there’s indeed something wrong as the school she is all-too familiar with appears to have been twisted by something that’s not only dark, but also sinister. It also looks like someone, or possibly something, is after her and in order to survive she needs to get out of the school and into the surrounding areas. However, once she gets there, she learns about strange creatures and mysterious strangers that she may be forced to form uneasy allies with.

Here are the features that players can expect in game:

  • Be ready to explore the district of Sehwa and discover what dark secrets lurk.
  • Craft items in order to deal with life-or-death situations.
  • Scavenge resources in order to survive the various deadly encounters
  • Unlock tools and upgrades in order to reach what were previously inaccessible areas.
  • Be sure to hide in order to avoid detection as well as certain death.
  • Pass challenges in order to hide your location.

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters is currently available for $8.99, though the offer is set to expire soon. A Deluxe Edition is also being offered at a discount for $17.80. In addition to the base game, this bundle also includes:

  • Artbook
  • Soundtrack
  • Mina – Locks of Love Skin
  • Mina – Winter Princess Skin
  • Mina – School Bully Skin
  • Mina – Summer Child Skin
  • Mina – Model Student Skin
  • Mina – Local Celeb Skin
  • Mina – Beach Bum Skin
  • Mina – Gamer Girl Skin
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