COD Black Ops Cold War Zombies: How to Get Thor’s Iconic Hammer

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Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War features lots of unique weapons, particularly in the Black Ops Cold War Zombies. Yet the best one may be inspired by Thor. It is the upgraded Sledgehammer inspired by Thor’s weapon Mjolnir. With that theme, the weapon could unleash electricity against foes. So, how can you get this cool weapon?

For newbies of Black Ops Cold War Zombies, the Sledgehammer is not automatically unlocked. You have to complete a challenge first: get 15 double kills with the Knife in separate matches. Once you have the item, you can now proceed to Thor’s iconic electricity-emitting hammer.

How to Get Mjolnir in Zombies

YouTube TheGamingRevolution showed how to turn the Sledgehammer into Mjolnir. Though, the conversion doesn’t magically transform the hammer into the Norse’s most fearsome weapon. At most, you could replicate the lightning effect and electrical damage. At a minimum, you would get a new skin to distinguish it from an ordinary Sledgehammer.

First, equip the Sledgehammer in Zombies. Next, upgrade the weapon to level 3 damage using the Pack-A-Punch machine. The upgrade would give the weapon a new skin and a fresh name, Zjolnir, obviously a reference to Mjolnir. But should you let it stay like that? Would it hurt to imbue the weapon with lightning?

To do that, add the Dead Wire ammo mod using the Pack-A-Punch mods section. Doing so would allow Zjolnir to deal electrical damage to enemies. The steps didn’t give the weapon flashy effects similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe though. When you equip Zjolnir, you could see the head beautifully glowing in first-person. When you smash enemies with it, you could see sparks due to electrical damage. It might give you the feel of being Thor in the game.

How to Get the Sledgehammer

To get the Sledgehammer, 15 double kills with the Knife are easier said than done. Many may get frustrated with the challenge. The most efficient way to overcome this challenge is to play on a small map. Nuketown 24/7 is highly recommended for its tiny size and close-quarter encounters. You’ll have a higher chance of getting double kills here. Just don’t forget that each match only counts one double-kill for the challenge.

An article also showed issues when unlocking the weapon in Cold War. You must let the finisher animation play for a double-kill to get counted. Hold the attack button over a split-second when attacking from behind to trigger the animation.

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