Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season One Is Finally Here

First season is here.
First season is here. Blizzard

It’s been over a month since Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War got released. However, that hasn’t prevented the game from dropping a rather large update, all for free. That said, Season One is here and it introduces new multiplayer maps, new operators, and new weapons.

Season One also marks the integration between Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone. This means players can get XP and level up in either game. It also shows that weapons unlocked in one game are usable in the other game.

Welcome to Rebirth Island

The major addition is Rebirth Island, which introduces a new battle royale to Warzone. The map offers a limited-time event that comes with free rewards. This new small-scale map has a player count similar to a Mini BR match. There will be new locales where Trios and Quads can brawl across. With the new Resurgence game mode, where respawns happen every 30 seconds, the battle is going to be much more exciting.

New Maps

Season One brings a total of seven new maps to Cold War. Two new maps that offer 6v6 battle are immediately available at the season's launch. This includes the iconic Black Ops II locale known as Raid. This map is a luxury complex situated in Hollywood Hills. With three lanes and a central courtyard, there's sure action coming from all sides. Players can also try out The Pines, a New Jersey mall filled with lots of neon-lit shops and excellent for close-quarters combat.

The duo-based Multiplayer mode Gunfight is making a return to Cold War as well. It comes complete with four new locales with random load-outs happening every two hours.

A new map known as Fireteam will arrive in January. This experimental Soviet health retreat offers water combat for ten squads to try.

New Weapons

Season One is introducing two new weapons. They are available for free with the Battle Pass System. The first is the MAC 10 that is offered at Tier 15. While it has moderate damage, it’s the fastest firing SMG, so that should balance things out.

The second is the Groza, available at Tier 31. This is a fully automatic assault rifle that offers an all-around threat, especially with its fast fire rate, solid damage, and follow-up shots.

New Operators for Cold War

There are three operators arriving in Season One. The first is Stitch immediately unlocked with the Season One Battle Pass. His Legendary Operator Skin is available at Tier 100.

The remaining two are Bulldozer and Zeyna. Both are going to be available as part of a Store Bundle, set to release later in the season.

So, what do you think? Are you ready for Season One?

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