'Cloverfield' Sequel: JJ Abrams Announces 'God Particle' Release Date

J.J. Abrams to produce sequel to Cloverfield
J.J. Abrams to produce sequel to Cloverfield The Wrap

Folks, we officially have a third installment of the Cloverfield series. J.J. Abrams will produce, and it already has a title, God Particle.

The Wrap offers the following description of the upcoming film: “Particle is about a team of astronauts who make a ‘shocking discovery’ and end up fighting for survival in what is described as an altered reality. Julis Onah (The Girl Is in Trouble) directed from a script by Oren Uziel. It stars David Oyelowo, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Ziyi Zhang, Elizabeth Debicki, Daniel Brühl and Chris O’Dowd.”

Backstory And Some Spoilers

10 Cloverfield Lane is marked as the second movie in the Cloverfield series, and met with a mixed popular and critical reception. The original Cloverfield came to theaters back in 2008, captivating the audience with the nauseating ‘found footage’ film style and the crazy amount of panic throughout. Cloverfield was about a creature awakened from the Atlantic Ocean, and towards the end of the film, we can spot something falling from the sky in the subway on Rob’s camera.

In comparison to 10 Cloverfield Lane, which started out a bit slow but picked up around the last half hour (more like the last ten minutes), Cloverfield was action-packed from start to finish and we see the monster, a lot. The two movies may or may not be in the same universe but when the audience finally gets to see the shit going on above John Goodman’s apocalypse-ready bunker, we find not only are there are aliens, a spaceship, but also a chemical? This alone is a hint in which separates the two.

God Particle And Abrams

Apparently, Abrams had a different ending and title for 10 Cloverfield Lane, and while God Particle has just been announced, Abrams is also working on more movies in the same shared universe each year attached to Cloverfield. Here’s hoping God Particle picks up where Cloverfield left off, perhaps the third title in the series may save it

God Particle hits theaters on Feb. 24, 2017.

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