Want To Play Clash Royale Professionally? Sign Up For PlexChat’s Path2Pro League

Think you have what it takes to play Clash Royale professionally? Find out how to join Plexchat's Path2Pro league for a chance at an eSports contract, here.
Think you have what it takes to play Clash Royale professionally? Find out how to join Plexchat's Path2Pro league for a chance at an eSports contract, here. PlexChat

Love playing Clash Royale and think you’ve got what it take to join the big leagues? Thanks to Plexchat, Clash Royale fans hoping to play professionally will have a new opportunity to show off their skills. On Thursday, the company announced its new Path2Pro league , aimed at finding the best and brightest new stars in the Clash Royale universe. Partnering with three major mobile esports organizations — Team Queso, Tribe Gaming and Nova eSport — Plexchat’s Path2Pro will offer a way for talented players to show off their skills in a place where they can be seen and recruited by leaders in the eSports world.

“Mobile esports has exploded in popularity over the past year,” said Shawn Foust, CEO of Plexchat in a press release. “In our communities on Plexchat we are seeing players worldwide ask how they can turn pro. As the home for mobile gamers, we are uniquely positioned at the center of the mobile gaming and mobile esports ecosystems and have built the tools and relationships to give this new path to players.”

What Is Clash Royale Path2Pro? How Do You Sign Up?

Path2Pro is a third-party Clash Royale tournament that offers players who make it into the late stages the opportunity to earn a professional contract with teams like Nova, Queso or Tribe.

The initial Path2Pro tournament sign-up launched Jan. 24 and will continue through Jan. 28. Signing up is fairly simple, though you will need to download the Plexchat app and register your account.

How To Sign Up For Clash Royale Path2Pro Tournament

  1. Download the Plexchat app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device (whatever device you play Clash Royale on).

  2. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll need to create an account. Just follow the steps in the app.

  3. After you verify your account you’ll be asked to join some communities. Type Path2Pro in the search to find the right community and join it. If you can’t find it, navigate to https://plexchat.com/path2pro/ on your web browser and tap the “Join Here” button to receive an invite.

  4. Once you’ve joined the Path2Pro community in Plex, you’ll notice several different rooms. One is titled “Sign Ups.” Tap on it to go to the Sign Up page.

  5. To sign up, you’ll need to grab a copy of your Friend Link in Clash Royale and post it to the Sign Ups page. To find your Clash Royale friend link, open the Clash Royale app, go to the social tab and open the Friends tab. Tap the “Invite Friend” button and then press copy. You’re Friend Code should now be copied and you can paste it in the Plex Path2Pro sign up chat.

I’ve Signed Up, Now What?

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll want to keep an eye out in the Path2Pro Plexchat Tournament stream for the dates and times of upcoming tournaments (see the recent announcement pictured above). Players who hope to qualify for Phase 2 will need to compete in a minimum of 5 daily Path2Pro tournaments during the Phase 1 period. On the last day of the Phase 1, a list of final participants will be posted in the Path2Pro promotion room. Participants on the promotion list will be given a rank within Plexchat that allows them access to Phase 2 rooms. During Phase 2 players will move on to Bracketed Tournaments. A complete rundown of all Path2Pro rules and phases can be found here.

“2018 is going to be a ground-breaking year for mobile esports - specifically for Clash Royale, ” said Tribe Gaming CEO Patrick “Chief Pat” Carney in a press release. “We’re excited to be part of Path2Pro, and hopeful that we’ll discover hungry, dedicated, and talented players to recruit to Tribe.”

What do you think of Plexchat’s Path2Pro league? Will you join? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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