'Clash Royale' December Update Released With Balance Tweaks, A New Challenge & Epic Donations

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A leaked photo of a purported new chest for Clash Royale appeared on Reddit Monday. Reddit

Clash Royale has a brand new update, and it brings major balance changes, the Crown Duel Challenge and big improvements for Epic Cards. Before getting to all of the great stuff rolling out over the next few weeks, here’s what you can get right now.

The Crown Duel Challenge : Available now as a Friendly Battle, the Crown Duel Challenge starts on Dec. 16 around 3 a.m EST. As usual, the first entry is free, while subsequent ones cost five gems each. Here are the rules to claim your Chest reward.

  • Build a deck by picking four cards and receiving four cards from your opponent. With that hodgepodge total of eight, you must be victorious as much as possible.

Balance Tweaks : We’ve covered the latest balance tweaks in our sneak peek recap, but here are a few highlights.

  • Elite Barbarians get a buff in hitpoints, damage and hit speed
  • Tornado radius buffed by 10 percent to encourage use
  • Inferno Dragons hitpoints buffed by 5 percent and it re-targets faster
  • Balloon death damage and explosion radius get massive buff
  • Wizard hit speed and initial attack rate slowed down
  • Giant Skeleton damage increased
  • Lumberjack hitpoints buffed
  • Bomber Damage buffed
  • Mortar Boulder explosion radius buffed
  • Mirror at level 8 will spawn max level +1 cards

Epic Card Features

We discussed this in detail as well, but here are the key facts to know.

  • Epic Card requests and donations happen every Sunday
  • Epic Cards are now cheaper
  • Epic Chests give more cards based on the Arena you’re playing.

Of course, this is only what you can expect from the update as of today. On Dec. 19 you can start earning special Clan Chests, followed by an Electro Wizard Challenge on Dec. 23. Starting Jan. 13, four new cards will be rolled out every two weeks. Also on Jan. 13, players will be able to duke it out in a new Arena called the Jungle Arena. We’ll have more news on all of that as it comes.

Clash Royale , and its December update, are available now on Android and iOS.

What do you think of this update so far? Do the balance changes make Clash Of Clans better? Tell us in the comments section!

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