Chivalry 2: Patch 2.4.2 Implements Changes to Melee Weapons and Bows

Patch 2.4.2
Patch 2.4.2 Torn Banner Studios

The multiplayer slasher Chivalry 2 has a new update that implements balancing changes to several melee weapons. Patch 2.4.2 also makes gameplay changes to bows and projectiles in general.

Rapiers have received some love as developers made some really nice improvements. First, the slash, overhead, and stab combo speeds are faster now as devs decreased the time of each hit to just 0.2 seconds instead of 0.225 seconds. Second, the weapon’s stab damage is increased to 50.

While rapiers have become faster and more powerful in this update, the same cannot be said for one-handed spears. Slash and stab combo speeds are slower as the time has been increased to 0.25 seconds. Furthermore, overhead damage is decreased to just 30 instead of 45.

For bow and projectile changes, arrows and bolts now deal less damage overall against those who directly block them without using a shield. In addition, arrows, bolts, and ballistae no longer cause parry break on low stamina.


  • Short Sword
    • Decreased stab damage to 40
  • Sword
    • Decreased stab damage to 45
  • Dane Axe
    • Increased combo time to 0.175. Dane Axe now takes longer to perform a three-hit combo
Stamina - Damage Modifiers
  • Damage modifiers take into account when a weapon does stamina damage. Based on the damage type, a weapon applies a stamina damage bonus to all classes
    • Blunt weapons now deal 25% bonus stamina damage
    • Chop weapons now deal 10% bonus stamina damage
  • Fixed an issue where arrows would be able to disarm shields on block if out of stamina
  • Bows and crossbows are no longer able to feint
  • Warbow no longer combos while in recovery, matching it with the other ranged weapons
  • Increased bow draw state’s movement speed reduction to 30%
  • Decreased the amount of damage needed to burn the large central house during the first objective to 300
  • Decreased the amount of time needed to loot gold to 1.5 seconds
  • Disabled Mason catapults until the siege ramps reach the walls to prevent early capture
  • Move defender spawns slightly backward during the second objective
  • Decreased attacker’s spawn time to 5 seconds and increased defender’s to 15 seconds during the first objective
  • Adjusted fuse timer back to 60 seconds from 90 seconds during the second objective
  • Fixed an NVIDIA crash that would happen if the game window was no longer in focus during the loading screen while using DX12
  • Fixed an issue where crouch hitbox animation speeds were not fully synced between the player and the server

The full patch notes can be found on the game’s official website.

Chivalry 2 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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