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It's showtime! Nintendo

Did you know that Princess Peach has her very own adventure? Get to know what she's up to with the latest trailer for Princess Peach: Showtime! The game has Princess Peach team up with Stella, the guardian of Sparkle Theater. They're out to save the theater from the hands of Grape and the Sour Bunch. The game is coming out on March 22 and to be available for the Nintendo Switch.

Going back to the game, what happens is that Peach, with the power of Sparkle, has to take the stage of each show, transform, and then confront the evil acting troupe. Each transformation offers Peach a rather dramatic entrance which comes with abilities that she needs to take back the play. Here are some of here transformations:

  • Cowgirl Peach
    • Saddle up with the trusty horse as a quick-flingin' cowgirl.
    • Toss enemies and grab items with a lasso.
  • Swordfighter Peach
    • Fend off the Sour Bunch using graceful slashes, dodges, and counterattacks as a sensational swordfighter.
  • Patissiere Peach
    • Bake and decorate sweets with a dollop of cream and charm as a talented patissiere.
    • Whip something up within the time limit.
  • Kung Fu Peach
    • Defend the school with artful jabs, kicks, and jumps as a disciplined kung fu master.
    • Send enemies flying with strength and balance.
  • Detective Peach
    • Put on that sleuthing cap to question locals, uncover clues, and solve a classic "whodunnit" mystery as a clever detective.
  • Ninja Peach
    • Hide in the scenery using props, jump wall to wall, and take out foes with kunai as an agile ninja.
    • Move swiftly and strike

Get to see what else the game has to offer below in the video:


By the way, when the game comes out, players can also get their hands of a set of pastel pink Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers at select retailers and My Nintendo Store priced at $79.99.

With the Joy-Con, games come to life through the easy-to-use motion control combined with HD rumble, advanced vibration features. This upcoming version has one Pastel Pink left Joy-Con, one Pastel Pink right Joy-Con, and two Black Joy-Con Straps.

What do you think? Ready to help Princess Peach and Sparkle? Princess Peach: Showtime! is priced at $59.99 and pre-order is now open.

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