The Trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI is Now the Most-Viewed Trailer Launch on YouTube

How excited are you? Rockstar Games

There's still some time before Grand Theft Auto VI is to be officially released. However, this early it seems that Rockstar Games has something to celebrate. That's because according to YouTube, the first trailer for the upcoming title has managed to reach more than 93 million views in a 24-hour period. This not only makes it as the most-viewed trailer launch of all time but also sets a new view record for a non-music video debut.

Talking about this latest milestone YouTube Gaming Global Head Leo Olebe shared that the Grand Theft Auto series has long been at the epicenter of entertainment and they expect the community and the different creators to reach new heights in the coming years with the upcoming title. He went on to say that by setting this new all-time record, it's proof of the cultural impact that the franchise had and shows why YouTube remains to be the leading destination when it comes to gaming content and even pop culture.

If you haven't seen it, you watch the trailer below:

A Quick Look

In addition to announcing this new record, YouTube also gave us a look on what's been happening on the platform GTA-wise. One of the earliest videos about GTA on YouTube is one by username EselGesi uploaded 18 years ago. Titled as "GTA:SA," his video was mde from a modified version of GTA: SA.

A lot of the early videos were also thanks to the OG's of the platform that included the likes of PewDiePie, Markiplier, and Jacksepticeye, and Techno Gamerz, to name a few. The community wasn't just playing the game with creators finding new and exciting ways to explore what the game had to offer. GTA V for example had roleplay communities have created entire worlds and storylines having all kinds of twists.

Later GTA Online was launched and with its car meets had players meeting up in empty lots and showing their own designs to other custom car lovers. There were drag races or even awards. Eventually these meets became a place where players could socialize and share information.

By the way, have mentioned that as of this writing, that same Grand Theft Auto VI trailer now has at least 123 million views? What about you? Are you excited for this game?

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