Bushiroad Co. Says a Hunter X Hunter Fighting Video Game is in Development

Get ready for a hunter fight. Bushiroad

Bushiroad Co. announced that a video game based on the Hunter X Hunter series is in development. It's going to be a full-scale fighting game and to be titled as "Hunter X Hunter Nen x Impact.

Aside from the reveal of the title, no other information was disclosed. That means there's no release date or even what platform it's going to come out. The studio did release a teaser trailer, but it didn't offer much when it came to what the game had to offer much less the gameplay. You can watch the teaser below:

There is one thing that we do know when it come to this upcoming title and that it's being developed by Eighting. This studio has long been known to work on licensed manga and anime games, particular those on the fighting genre. They're the ones responsible for games like Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, DNF Duel, Pikmin 3 Deluxe, and Pikmin 4, to name a few.

Hunter X Hunter is a Japanese manga series that's both written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi which first came out way back in March 1998. The story focus on the young boy Gon Freecss. He learns that the father who left him when he was young, is actually a famous Hunter. Hunters are licensed professionals specializes in fantastical pursuits that include locating rare or unidentified animal species. They're also tasked with looking for treasure and surveying unexplored enclaves. Hunters are also known when it comes to going after lawless individuals. Gon goes on a journey to become a Hunter and along the way meet other Hunters while also making friends.

There have been video game adaptations of the series though these were mainly role-playing and strategy games. This upcoming title is set to be the first ever fighting game. In the series, Nen is a technique which allows living beings to use and manipulate their very own life energy, also known as aura. Considering that Nen allows Hunters to have what can be considered as parapsychological abilities, this ability is hidden from the public to allow for balance to be maintained in society.

What about you? Excited about this upcoming title?

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