Celeste Final Update Chapter 9: Farewell Releases On September 9

An era comes to an end.
Extremely OK Games has officially announced the last chapter of Celeste, coming this September 9.
Extremely OK Games has officially announced the last chapter of Celeste, coming this September 9. Extremely OK Games

The acclaimed pixel-styled platformer Celeste will be releasing its ninth and final chapter, the aptly named “Farewell”. Developer Extremely OK Games (previously Matt Makes Games) has announced that the chapter, which comes in the form of a free update, will be available on platforms starting September 9.

Celeste follows the story of Madeline, a girl who aims to survive her inner demons while she is journeying to the summit of Celeste Mountain. With its story-driven gameplay, players must help Madeline through 700+ screens of hardcore platforming challenges filled to the brim with devious dangers and secrets. Along the way, Madeline encounters a cast of the most charming and colorful characters that will guide her in the game’s touching story towards self-discovery.

The game boasts a simple and accessible control scheme that provides three main weapons in your arsenal - jump, air-dash and climb – but with layers of expressive depth to master. Every death brings a lesson and makes you stronger as you climb farther up the mountain with its many perils.

With the release of this final chapter, it’s worth looking back into Celeste and what made it so phenomenal in the first place. The title is easily one of the best modern platformers today, and whether you’ve played it already or not, do yourself a favor and blaze through it for the very first time or all over again.

Celeste’s Chapter 9 includes over 100 new levels (bringing the game’s total to more than 800 levels). Over 40 minutes of brand-new music from Lena Raine will also make its debut in-game, plus several brand-new mechanics and items to tinker with and test out.

Along with the announcement of Farewell as the ninth and final chapter, Extremely OK Games has also confirmed that Celeste’s physical edition will soon enter production. The physical copies will be produced through Limited Run Games and will release on January 1, 2020.

Celeste’s final chapter will be available on September 9 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC as a free update. The game is currently available digitally for the price of $19.99.

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