Cat Lady Showcases Cat-Themed Dungeons In A New Trailer

The cutesy dungeon crawler will be releasing on PC via Steam at an unannounced date.
The cat-themed dungeon crawler Cat Lady will be making its way to PC via Steam.
The cat-themed dungeon crawler Cat Lady will be making its way to PC via Steam. Rose City Games

The upcoming cat-themed dungeon crawler Cat Lady has just dropped a one minute gameplay trailer. Its release for the PC via Steam has also been announced by developer Rose City Games, although no launch date has been scheduled as of yet.

Cat Lady tells the story of protagonist Ally Marie as she arrives for a regular visit to her beloved Grandma’s mansion filled with friendly felines. However, she is in for a surprise when she discovers that not only is her Grandma missing, but that an ancient evil has awoken in the mansion which has transformed all of her Grandma’s belongings into monsters and also has caused the pet cats to become self-aware. With the help of her now sentient feline friends, she must find a way to locate and save her Grandma and also destroy the ghosts lurking in the mansion once and for all.

Half shoot ‘em-up and half classic dungeon crawler, players will control Ally Marie throughout the mansion with magical cats as her weapons. Each feline has magical spells unique to them that you can upgrade and swap depending on the enemies you need to blast through.

Cat Lady offers unique and endless arrangements of rooms within Grandma’s mansion, with a number of haunted household objects (like a creepy bust and what looked like an enraged, giant teddy bear) and bosses that are hellbent on achieving an unknown, malicious goal. A number of dungeons littered with challenges, secrets, and collectibles are yours to explore to aid you in your quest to locate your grandma.

All this chaos is put on your screen in a simple style, with deep blacks dominating the scenery and bright colors, usually a maximum of three colors on your screen at a time, accentuating the screen depending on the level you are in. Lastly, your dungeon crawling experience is capped off by an adorable soundtrack from Jim Guthrie and J.J. Ipsen, known for their works on Planet Coaster and Reigns: Her Majesty.

If you don’t like cats as much as you love dogs, then maybe Play Dog Play Tag is more up your speed. Both now have their Steam pages up, so wish list whichever one you want.

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