Become A Very Bad Canine In Play Dog Play Tag

The bear stole all the bones, which is not event the weirdest part of this game.
Play Dog Play Tag gets an announcement trailer, set for release in Early Access on Steam.
Play Dog Play Tag gets an announcement trailer, set for release in Early Access on Steam. Project Pegasus

Being a dog isn’t all fun and games. Sure, you get the regular head pats, belly rubs and ear scratches, plus live a mostly carefree life where you just run around chasing your tail while your owner slaves away at making sure you’re well cared for. But, from time to time, you also have to deal with bone thieves, who are bears dressed up in thief garb that – wait, what?

Oh, it’s just for a premise of a game, one that looks as chaotic as it is fun. Japanese developer Project Pegasus announced today that its dog-themed multiplayer game Play Dog Play Tag will be arriving on PC sometime in 2019 via Early Access on Steam. The game itself is very hard to describe, and looks incredibly absurd – but then again, I’ve come to expect much weirder from Japanese developers. In any case, the announcement also came with a trailer, which you can check out below.

From the looks of it, and according to its Steam page, Play Dog Play Tag is a multiplayer game that sees players controlling one of four dogs as they try to recover the bones stolen by a thieving bear. Of course, it’s not as simple as it’s presented, as the dogs themselves are on a leash with their owners, and you can launch said owners and use them in a variety of ways to come out ahead of the other dogs. It’s not cooperative either, as you’re expected to also steal the bones that the other dogs have collected.

To add to this wacky premise, you can essentially destroy the buildings like the bad dog you are by flinging your owner through them. You also attack the other dogs and the bear thief in the same manner. Destroying buildings will cause a person to appear from within; catching those will earn you brand-new abilities, according to the game’s description.

According to the developers, the Early Access launch will have two to four player local multiplayer available on one single stage, allowing for offline couch play. Color me interested, particularly because I’m quite the sucker for these weird titles that are often good for hours of fun with some friends while knocking back a beer or two.

Play Dog Play Tag will be released in Early Access on Steam later this year.

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