Car Mechanic Simulator 2021: Patch 1.0.17 Adds Window Tinting Tool and Framerate Cap

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021
Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 Steam

A new update for Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 is now available. Patch 1.0.17 adds a window tinting tool to the game. As the name implies, it allows you to add tints to car windows. This can be unlocked in the upgrades menu.

Window Tinting Tool
Window Tinting Tool Steam

Besides that, you can now create your own additional parts (roof, trunk, hood) that you can install on your vehicle. Alternatively, if you do not want to make the parts yourself, you can download some in the workshop. Below is a sample that is already available for you to try:

Roof Turret
Roof Turret Steam

Patch Notes

Patch 1.0.17 also brings some improvements to the game. For instance, the developers have added a new option that lets you limit the game’s framerate. This should help relieve stress on your GPU and maybe fix any overheating. Another improvement worth mentioning is that the game now supports Sony PS5 DualSense controller buttons.

The complete changelog is listed below:

  • New: Window Tinting tool
  • New Additional Parts Added (spoilers and hood scoop)
  • Additional Parts are now paintable
  • Added framerate cap
  • Workshop Support for Additional Parts
  • Added "Cars available everywhere" option to settings
  • Small improvements in PaintShop UI
  • Fixed painting on some rims
  • Sony Dualsense (PS5) buttons support
  • Fixed bug with sell item window can stay on screen after closing inventory/warehouse
  • Fixed orbit camera on parking when using a gamepad with "legacy" controller mode
  • Added ability to disable fade when using doors
  • You can now see unbalanced wheels when installing part
  • Body parts in Body Shop now using a shorter name
  • Shorter fade when using doors
  • Shopping list added to Barns and Junkyard
  • Added missing Mayen M3 version
  • Added body tuning parts for Olsen Grand Club
  • Added "defaultRimColor" property to wheels
  • Added "body_brakelight_clear" clear material for brake lights
  • Various small fixes

Aside from the recent patch, the developers also released a new hotfix that addressed the save loading problem in some rare instances. Here are the patch notes:

HOTFIX 1.0.17.hf1

  • Fixed save loading problem in rare scenarios
  • Updated Romanian, German and Arabic localizations
  • Christmas tree optimizations

If you do not have the game on your Steam library yet, now is the best time to buy it. This is because both Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 and Tank Mechanic Simulator can be yours by purchasing the discounted bundle.

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