Captain Marvel Gets A Title

Slated for March 6th, 2019 Marvel

Marvel's upcoming Captain Marvel is a big leap for the studio in several ways. Despite boasting the impression of being perpetually ahead of the curve, in the decade since its inception Marvel has yet to release a vehicle helmed by a female lead. Last Year's Wonder Woman already cleared through the slings and arrows as far as box office speculation goes, but Marvel's film still has a lot to prove. Being set in the 90's, Captain Marvel: Open World is a guinea pig for Marvel's attempt to retroactively world build. The universe established thus far is so rich and multifarious one has to assume strange shit has been happening on Earth and the surrounding cosmos long before Tony Stark suited up back in 2008.

If Captain Marvel: Open World works as a sort of prequel, you introduce a seamless retcon tool as well as the ability to implement comprehensive newly acquired properties like The Fantastic Four and X-men without mucking up the continuity works.


Not too long ago Marvel studio news snagged a couple of set photos of Brie Larson in what will hoepfully be a temporary suit. 

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel Photo: Via Marvel Studio News


No one knows for sure but given that this color scheme is very similiar to Mar Veil's costume from the ultimate universe I'd be willing to bet this is not the threads Denvers will be sporting for the majority of the film.

The working title for the film, Captain Marvel: Open World, doesn't exactly have a ring to it but I suppose it makes sense. This film is going to be cosmic, set in the past, and feature the Skrulls, one of the most involved and long lived alien species in all of comic book history. Ant-man And The Wasp maybe the first official Infinity War follow up but I suspect Captain Marvel to be the film to truly usher the post-Infinity War MCU into its new skin.

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