Capcom’s Monster Hunter World Beta Begins December 9

Monster Hunter World is set to have a full-featured beta.
Monster Hunter World is set to have a full-featured beta. Capcom

The latest entry in the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter World , will be available as a PlayStation 4-exclusive beta from Dec. 9 through Dec. 12. If you're looking forward to try out the game ahead of its January 2018 release, this will be your best chance to do so.

The Monster Hunter World beta will include three different quests that show off two environments from the main game. According to Capcom, the Ancient Forest will let beginners square off against a more forgiving monster called the Great Jagras. Meanwhile, more seasoned players that venture into the Ancient Forest may want to battle an Anjanath. Next, the Wildspire Waste is a swampy area that features the intermediate-level enemy Barroth. Watch out—Barroth preys on smaller threats.

You can take on the quests solo or co-op with three other players via online multiplayer. There are 14 different weapons for you to choose from and loadouts can be altered back at camp. And if you wish to get acquainted with some of the new armaments or abilities, then you can head to the Training Room, a series first that’s available in the beta.

For each quest you complete, you'll get bonus items that can be brought over to the full game should you purchase it. Be sure to use the same Sony Entertainment Network account for both beta access and your purchase of the full game to receive your special items when the beta concludes.

Monster Hunter World ’s larger map and seamless transitions between different areas make it one of the most ambitious titles in the long-running series. More importantly, the game also introduces a series-first “simultaneous global launch window” and cross-region online multiplayer that will allow players worldwide to play together.

Monster Hunter World will come to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2018, while the PC release has yet to be announced. Both PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X versions are expected to feature higher resolutions and additional augmented visual features.

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