Call Of Duty: WWII Zombies Guide - Get All 4 Teslas For The Easter Egg

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There are four Tesla Gun variants you need to complete the Hardcore Easter Egg for "The Final Reich." This guide tells you how to unlock them all. Call Of Duty: WWII is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Activision/MrDalekJD

Call Of Duty: WWII ’s Hardcore Easter egg requires all four Tesla variants. Here’s how you get each one.


Midnight: Look for the statue in the courtyard with the man holding the sickle and shoot it with the Zombie head. The statue explodes and zombies spawn. Use your Tesla gun to shoot the battery that appears then pick it up and place it on the small pedestal near the gun box.

Next you need to round up a bunch of Zombies and get around 30 kills using the trap in the Courtyard. You’ll notice as you keep doing it the pedestal starts to glow. After the part in the Casual quest where you defend the tower, go to the lab area and place the battery on one of the Tesla part spawn machines. Protect it for a bit, bring the part and your Tesla to the crafting station in the Command Room.


Reaper: Once you’ve got the Tesla, leave the doors to the Sewers area open. Bring a mace-wielding zombie to the Weapon Upgrade box in the sewers. This type spawns after wave seven.

There’s a small, door-like compartment nearby that these Zombies need to hit. As such, take the hit there until you see it open. Place the battery on the pedestal near the upgrade box. Use the Saw Trap to kill 4-6 Bomber Zombies to charge it. Repeat the next steps from the previous variant.


Hurricane: Go to the electric room near the Speed Cola perk. Up the first flight of stairs you’ll see a small door on the wall. Lure a bomb zombie to blow it up and grab your battery. Place it into the charger on the right side of the main room 

Collect three Zombies with the big saw arms from the oncoming wave and lure them into the electric chamber trap. Repeat the last steps of the previous variants.


Bloodthirst: Once you’ve got a regular Tesla, head into the village area past the burning wreckage and you’ll see a street lamp just ahead of the statue. Shoot the lamp with your Tesla and you’ll hear some spark noises and a ball of green energy will move to another lamp. Shoot that lamp and follow along the pattern through the Bunker, into the Morgue and into the spike trap room.     

A battery will drop when the process is over, and it can be placed in the nearby holder. You need to charge this battery by getting pest zombie kills, so that may take a little while since that type doesn’t spawn every round. Listen for their buzzing to be sure. Take the battery and repeat the previous steps.


Once that’s finished you’ll have four awesome guns and the supplies necessary to continue with our Hardcore Easter egg guide.

Call Of Duty: WWII is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

What’s your favorite Tesla Gun? Were you able to find them all? Tell us in the comments section!

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