Call of Duty: Vanguard February 14 Update Introduces New Seasonal Event and New Perks

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Call of Duty: Vanguard received an update that added some exciting new content and also fixed many in-game issues. The highlights of this update include the introduction of Ranked Play Beta and Arms Race modes. That’s not the end of it, as developers have plans on adding more game modes in the future.

Seasonal Event

The Seasonal Event is back and this time it’s a Valentine’s Day event where players can run around the map as a teddy bear. To get the teddy bear skin, players just have to get the Flamenaut killstreak. This event will also have Double XP enabled, so players can use this to level up fast.

New Perks

This update also brings two new perks. Armory is one of the newest perks introduced to counter the Engineer. This perk is for players who like to support their team rather than getting all the kills. The second perk is called Mechanic which buffs the Field Upgrade charge time, a really good combination for players who want to complete challenges related to it.

Call of Duty: Vanguard Update Highlights

  • Made several improvements to player textures and animations that resulted in Packet Burst spikes.
  • Stability improvements should result in better connectivity and lower crash rates. The time to connect to Online Services should also be reduced.
  • General
    • A thorough pass on map environments has been completed to fix objects with unintended collision, issues with portaling through the ground, and to remove out-of-map exploits.
  • Champion Hill
    • There will no longer be two consecutive buy rounds at the beginning of every Champion Hill Duos 2v2 private match.
    • Spawn improvements have been made for teams of three.
  • Control
    • Late match joiners are now able to spawn in when lives are available.
    • Swapping to spectate/different teams now consistently updates the lives left.
  • Private Matches
    • Silent Plant Option now works in Search and Destroy Private matches (fixed Feb 3rd).
New Zombies Content
  • New Hub Map: “Terra Maledicta”
  • 3 New Arenas: Corrupted Lands, Eastern Desert, Hall of Truth
  • 2 Wonder Weapons: Decimator Shield and Ray Gun
  • New Ally: Vercanna the Last
  • New Enemy: Zaballa the Deceiver
  • New Artifact: Wand of the Wilds
  • New Objective: Sacrifice
  • New Covenant: Artifact Ward
  • New Story Quest & Narrative Intel
  • New Weapon Support: KG M40, Whitley
  • 3 New Pack-a-Punch Camos in “Terra Maledicta”
  • 20 New Season Challenges
  • Various stability improvements and bug fixes

You can read more about the update here.

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