Call Of Duty: Mobile Officially Launched Worldwide

Prepare for battle.
Prepare for battle. Activision

If you're a fan of the Call of Duty franchise then prepare to fight as the mobile version has been officially launched to countries around the world. Call of Duty: Mobile is available on iOS and Android devices. This free-to-play first-person action game brings the Call of Duty experience to the mobile platform including many of the features of the Modern Warfare and Black Ops universes.

Players can try the different classic maps through head-to-head competitive multiplayer or complete various game modes. Players also get to the chance to experience powerful Scorestreaks and even try tide-turning Operator skills.

If you're up for it, you can test your survival skills in a Battle Royale mode against 99 other players. In this mode, you’re dropped in a huge and unique open map which has undulating terrain and locales across the Call of Duty universe. You can play Solo, Duo, or even Quad-player competitions. Fight over land, sea, and air using ATVs, helicopters, and tactical rafts. You can play in first-person or third-person perspective. Choose one of the six Classes before dropping in to battle.

Activision Vice-President for Mobile Chris Plummer in a statement said that the goal from the beginning was to set new standards when it comes to mobile multiplayer action games. It does this by offering the well-known gameplay, presentation, and content of Call of Duty and combines this with the best-in-class development and live service expertise. Plummer said they have managed to come up with a game that offers a remarkable experience and introduces fresh new ways to engage both old and new Call of Duty fans and fans of the genre as a whole.

Plummer went on to say that "throughout focused and regional tests, the fan response has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic." Many of the fine touches in the game actually came straight from player feedback. With this release, Plummer related that they are "starting with a robust suite of multiplayer modes, our original Battle Royale experience and a host of special events, but there’s a ton of more content on the way."

To get the latest news for Call of Duty: Mobile, you can visit either the Activision Games Blog or the Call of Duty Blog.

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