Call Of Duty: Mobile Guide - Preparing For Your First Battle Royale

Battle Royale is here.
Battle Royale is here. Tencent Games

If you're following our guides, then you've probably played Multiplayer Mode for Call of Duty: Mobile. Hopefully you even managed to get some victories. If not, you can read about how to prepare for multiplayer as well as some tips to help your get ahead.

However it's not all multiplayer since the game also offers a Battle Royale mode. This mode is similar to the Blackout mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The good thing is that in Call of Duty: Mobile, you get to experience a large open map across the Call of Duty universe. Like in many Battle Royales from other games, Call of Duty: Mobile also has you drop in with 99 other players and fight to see who is the last person standing. You can go for Solo, Duo, or even four-player squads in Battle Royale.

In today's guide, we look at how to get ready for Battle Royale. We also look at the different Classes available to you in this mode.

Camera Style

So how do you get to play Battle Royale. It's simple, really. All you have to do is go to the main menu and choose the Battle Royale option, which is next to Multiplayer. Once you enter the lobby, you are given two options in terms of camera style.

The first is First-person Perspective (FPP). This is the same camera as when you play multiplayer. However, if you want to see your in-game character from a few feet back, then go for Third-Person Perspective (TPP). The advantage of TPP is that it allows you to have a little more peripheral vision. If you're not sure which one to use, there's no need to worry too much since you can switch between the two while in the lobby.

Building a Team

As already mentioned, the lobby also lets you choose between playing solo, with a friend through two-player, and a group of friends as a four-player squad. If you're the only one among your friends playing Call of Duty: Mobile, but don't want to play solo, just go for the "Squad Fill," option. What this does is it auto-populates the team with other players also looking for teams.

Battle Royale Classes

Before starting on your first Battle Royale game, you need to choose one from among six classes. Each class comes with equipment and perks that can be used in battle. The classes are:

  • Defender
    • This class is able to place a Transform Shield that can serve as a portable cover.
    • The Defender has the Reinforced perk that increases resistance to all damage except bullets.
  • Medic
    • This class has the skill to place a Medical Station which can continuously heal both Medics and allies within its range.
    • For its perk, the Medic has Master Healer which lets them heal teammates quicker and even revive them faster.
  • Mechanic
    • For the Mechanic, this class has the EMP Drone which disables enemy technology for a short period of time.
    • Its Engineer ability gives augmented sight to vehicles, hostile traps, and even other equipment.
  • Ninja
    • Ninjas have the Grapple Gun which lets them get across the map and rappel up buildings.
    • With its Dead Silence ability, the Ninja is able to move quietly to beat down opponents.
  • Scout
    • Help your teammates get needed intel through the Sensor Dart which shows enemy positions near its location on the mini map.
    • The Scout's Tracker ability lets them see fresh footprints of enemies.
  • Clown
    • This class is considered a wildcard which is fun, but may be difficult for new players. The clown makes use of the undead to attack.
    • Its Toy Bomb equipment is able to summon zombies that only attack hostiles.
    • As a way to be safe, the Clown has the Anti-Zombie ability which avoids the undead and lowers the agression distance of zombies.

So which one should you choose? If you're a beginner, we suggest you go for Scout. It lets you avoid enemies, so that should help you last longer. If you're with a team then Defender is a good choice. You can offer the needed support, but it doesn't have the same pressure from teammates as a Medic.

That’s it for today’s guide. Next time, we take a closer look at the basic components of the Battle Royale Mode.

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