Call Of Duty: Mobile Guide - Make The Necessary Prep Before Going To Multiplayer

Learn more about multiplayer.
Learn more about multiplayer. Tencent Games

By now you've probably tried out Call of Duty: Mobile a couple of times. If you are new to the mobile platform, you may need some practice. While we already discussed a little bit about multiplayer in a previous guide, we look into it a little deeper today. We look into the different multiplayer modes and how to set up a Multiplayer Loadout, and even a Scorestreak build.

If you're ready then let's do this.

There are different modes for Multiplayer available in Call of Duty: Mobile. Four such game modes that you are likely to play include:

  • Frontline
    • This game mode was the one you played in the Tutorial. Two teams are separated with designated spawns positioned on either side of the map. A team earns points when one of its members takes down a member of the other team.
  • Team Deathmatch
    • This is like Frontline with the difference being spawn points change. The initial spawn, which is at the start of the match, is at each team's side. However, after that spawn locations are randomized.
  • Domination
    • In this game mode, you need to work with a team and capture three areas on the map. You are then given points over time.
  • Free-for-All
    • As the name implies, this is every solider for themselves. Earn points by eliminating other players.

Now that we have that taken care of, let's talk loadouts.


In multiplayer games, it is important that you take time to customize your Loadout. There are five separate loadouts. Let's start with the "simple" ones which are located on the right side of the Loadout Menu. Going from top to bottom we have:

  • Soldier
    • This is basically the aesthetics section.
    • You can personalize an Operator using skins, headgear, clothing, backpacks, and even suits.
  • Operator Skills
    • These are powerful tools that are able to charge over time. There are five Operators available so far:
      • Purifier
        • Flamethrower
        • The first Operator you can unlock in the game.
        • Excellent at close range.
      • Scythe
        • Minigun
        • Accuracy increases over time.
        • Need to have clear sight on enemies.
      • War Machine
        • Grenade Launcher
        • Effective versus enemies grouped together.
      • Tempest
        • Lightning bolt launcher
        • Can cause massive damage to up to nine nearby enemies.
      • Transform Shield
        • Only non-weapon Operator in the game
  • Lethal Equipment
    • Explosive devices and other equipment that can knock down enemies.
  • Tactical Equipment
    • Equipment that has unique effects in battle against enemies or equipment.
  • Perk Slots
    • There are three in total.
    • Items that Modify an Operator in different ways.

With that over, let's go over what you're probably waiting for, the weapons.


On the left side of the Loadout screen you see two boxes. The top is for the Primary Weapon and the bottom for Secondary.

Entering the Primary Weapon selection screen, you should see three drop-down menus on the top portion. The first is "Sort By" and it should show "Default." Here you can sort your weapons using different filters. On its immediate right is the Rarity and finally you should have Class all the way on the right. There are five weapon classes in the game, and these are:

  • Assault
    • Good at mid-range battles
  • LMG
    • High capacity heavy weapon
    • Longer reload time
  • Sniper
    • For long-range fights
  • SMG
    • Smaller-sized weapons
    • Good at close range
  • Shotgun
    • Deals high damage
    • Short effective range

When you go back to the Loadout screen, you will see four smaller boxes below the one for Primary Weapon. The first one is Optic with the other three being Attachments. Attachments are earned when you level up a weapon and they give different benefits to the weapon like reduced recoil or increased magazine size, among many others.

Once you're done, proceed to choosing your Secondary Weapon. This is pretty much like selecting a Primary Weapon. However there are only three weapon classes for secondary:

  • Pistol
    • A sidearm that allows a quick swap.
  • Melee
    • Non-ranged weapon that can knock down an enemy in one hit.
  • Launcher
    • Shoots explosives to damage enemies, Scorestreaks, or both.


Speaking of Scorestreaks, each operator in Call of Duty: Mobile comes complete with three Scorestreaks. These are earned in-game by performing specific tasks. By default, these are the three Scorestreaks:

  • UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that reveals enemy locations on the mini-map.
  • Hunter Killer Drone – Call a Hunter Killer Drone to destroy enemies.
  • Missile – Remote-Controlled Missile with a cluster bomb payload.

As you level up, the selection expands and gives you more options that in turn offer other powerful tools. Scorestreaks can be changed anytime using the Multiplayer menu.

Just in case we forgot to mention earlier, you can customize up to five loadouts. This means you can try different combinations or set specific loadouts for certain game modes.

So with that, start your prep and blast enemies away in multiplayer.

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