Bus Simulator 21: Update 2 for PC Adds More Fixes to Game Save Issues

Bus Simulator 21
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The PC version of Bus Simulator 21 has a new update. This patch brings additional fixes to save issues that plagued the game for some time now. It also includes some performance improvements and an updated input library that aims to fix problems with using third-party steering wheels.

Critical Improvements

The developers at StillAlive Studios understand that there are still some lingering game save issues in Bus Simulator 21. Update 2 for PC improves access to your saved games, especially if the system does not consider you the rightful owner.

Aside from that, some missions have their performance issues resolved, including the “Catch them all” mission which is crucial in unlocking the Pecunia District.

Those who want to play the game with others via multiplayer will be happy to know that rubber-banding has been addressed. You may still experience it, but it should be far less than before.

If you are using a third-party steering wheel, the game’s input library has been updated which likely fixes some issues that you may have encountered in the past. Furthermore, force feedback has been improved as you are now capable of fine-tuning the feedback to your liking.

Patch Highlights


  • Input configurations will be restored correctly in case they get corrupted or deleted
  • Multiplayer features less rubber-banding
  • You can now sit down on select seats in your AI drivers or friends buses. Enjoy the ride!


  • Taking over an empty bus will no longer unnecessarily spawn an NPC driver
  • Improved behavior when shifting into Neutral while driving, naturally slowing down the bus


  • Selecting the correct bus in collections of multiple buses works without click and hold
  • When having disabled the mini-map, it will not reactivate itself after loading a save game
  • Driver presets can be applied again in the settings
  • Settings can be reset to default


  • Updated input library, fixing some steering wheel issues
  • Added additional force feedback settings to allow fine-tuning of feedback


  • Fixed door behavior on Grande West 30ft
  • Fixed sunscreen on IVECO BUS Urbanway 12m
  • Fixed problems with interior ads in MAN A37
  • Improved passenger movement in the front of the MAN 12C
  • Adjusted cashier location on MAN A47
  • Visual quality of buses in the garage menu has been improved


  • Improved visual quality and performance of shadows on distance for some objects
  • Eyes of pedestrians are visualized correctly again

Bus Simulator 21 Update 2 is now available on PC.

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