Bus Simulator 21: Update 1/Hotfix 2.07 Implements Critical Fixes and General Improvements

Bus Simulator 21
Bus Simulator 21 Stillalive Studios

Stillalive Studios has released the first update on PC and Hotfix 2.07 on Playstation and Xbox consoles for Bus Simulator 21. This update mainly consists of bug fixes, though some improvements and new features have been added to the PC version.

Among the critical fixes, the developers have found a way to resolve the issue where saved game files are written as empty. This should prevent the problem from happening ever again, but for those who experienced it before, there is no way to restore their previously saved games anymore.

Also, those who experienced the “Missing Permission” issue, where you cannot access your saved games due to a bug, can now restore them as usual after applying the update.

For PC users, saving games from now on will automatically create a backup just in case the most recent one gets corrupted. In addition, bus selection has been improved when using a mouse and keyboard. You can now click and hold to accept your preferred bus choice.

If you are playing on PC and encountered a bug where you cannot create new bindings for your steering wheel settings, you can simply delete a file called “InputPreset.sav” in the directory:


This is a temporary fix as the developers will release a new update soon so that you won’t have to do this manually.

Patch Highlights

  • Restoring access to save games you’ve been locked out of (missing permission issue) - you should now have the permission to use these save games again
  • Fixed a potential crash during the tutorial, mostly reported on PS4
  • Saving now creates a backup of the previous save state, which is loaded if the most recent save got corrupted
  • Added the option to reset controls to default in the Controls Menu (this does not include the steering wheel settings)
  • NPC drivers will now despawn when they cannot walk to their seat to prevent them from blocking the view in the bus cockpit
  • Passengers no longer suddenly spawn in the bus if another player is driving the bus or if the bus is not on a route
  • General settings options now display the correct tooltip when hovering over them
  • The ramp button in the action menu should now be highlighted correctly
  • Fixed bendy bus joints. This prevents them from breaking apart when a player walks through them
  • Fixed some seat adjustment issues. Previously, you had to use Numpad keys - not every keyboard has those, so now it’s the arrow keys (this can now also be rebound in the controls settings)

You can read the full patch notes on the game’s official website.

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