Bus Simulator 21: Hotfix 2.06 Improves Memory Usage, Fixes Save Game Stability on PC

Bus Simulator 21
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Developer Stillalive Studios has released a new hotfix for Bus Simulator 21. This hotfix aims to improve the game’s memory usage. The developers have also implemented a likely fix for the save game issues on PC.

Hotfix 2.06 (or Hotfix 3 for PC) is a relatively small package, but it does come with critical improvements and bug fixes.

For one, the game should now have better memory management. This is done by tweaking character textures, as well as improving Rock imposters.

Those playing on PC may find that saving games while exiting will be a bit more stable now than before. The developers said that they may have found the solution to the save game issues that plagued Bus Simulator 21 , and they may add these additional fixes soon, as stated in this tweet.

In terms of graphics, the devs have improved crosswalks and pothole fading. In addition, they fixed the transit station materials, especially the good-looking glass. Also, the devs have set the depth of field to zero by default to prevent blurry images while driving.

Those who have missed using emojis will be happy to know that folks Stillalive Studios have finally fixed them. Now, you can express how happy you are when driving passengers to their destinations.

Lastly, the annoying issue where wheelchair passengers keep spawning out of control has finally been addressed.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed transit station materials (the good-looking glass is back)
  • Improved crosswalks and pothole fading
  • Improved far distance imposter quality
  • Depth of field is now forced to 0 to prevent blurry pictures
  • Xbox One Base and PS4 Base only: Improved shadow quality
  • PC only: Improved shadow quality on medium settings and performance on higher settings
  • Improved memory usage
    • Tweaked character textures
    • Rock imposters were improved
  • PC only: Improvements to save game stability while exiting the game
  • Fixed emojis not working
  • Decreased the amount of wheelchair passengers spawning

Bus Simulator 21 Hotfix 2.06/Hotfix 3 is now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and PC.

Have you downloaded the update already? If so, how’s your experience?

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