Bus Simulator 21: Latest Update Brings New Features and Performance Improvements

Bus Simulator 21 Update 4 and Update 2.0.10
Bus Simulator 21 Update 4 and Update 2.0.10 Twitter/@BusSimGame

A new update is available for Bus Simulator 21 that brought new features and much-needed performance improvements.

New Features

If you’ve been waiting for a feature that allows you to customize the LED displays inside buses, the latest patch now gives you that ability.

Those on the PC may enjoy some really cool features provided by Update 4. For instance, support for Tobii Horizon has been added, which is a technology letting you use your PC's or laptop’s webcam to control the in-game camera.

Additionally, a steering wheel diagnostics tool is included in the input settings menu. This gives useful information to the developers so that they can identify and iron out issues that still plague the game to this day.

Performance Improvements

You might find that your system can handle the game better than before, thanks to the optimizations that were implemented. Lights on the buses, for example, might no longer lead to dips in performance, especially when multiple buses are present on the screen.

Update Highlights

  • Trees have been optimized for better performance in scenes where a lot of trees are rendered on screen
  • Nighttime performance has been improved in areas with a lot of static lamps
  • Bug reporting tool: You can now report bugs directly through the pause menu (PC only)
  • Static pedestrians are now visible around the map in Angel Shores to add more vibrancy to the city
  • Setra S 412 UL radio issues are now fixed including fully functioning buttons
  • MAN Lion’s City G A23 now correctly displays the cashier light hint
  • BYD 18m radio is now useable
  • Fix for BYD 12m dashboard buttons missing a material
  • MAN Lion's City G A23 ‘high beam’ button is now implemented and functional
  • MAN A47 Lion’s City now displays the parking brake lever arrow correctly
  • MAN A47 Lion’s City driver window now behaves correctly
  • Tutorial option for Seaside Valley has been removed, so players can start playing the missions as intended
  • In simplified mode, the ramp of the buses can now be extended as intended
  • Info cards are now displayed correctly while playing the tutorial mission of Angel Shores

The latest patch for Bus Simulator 21 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S (Update 2.0.10), and PC (Update 4).

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