Bungie Reveals Plans To Expand Beyond Destiny

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Bungie's Destiny Franchise
Bungie's Destiny Franchise Youtube Screenshot

While it is clear that Bungie still has some big plans for Destiny, the game developer studio will expand in the years to come with some new gaming franchises.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is the first major expansion of the popular gaming franchise since the split between Bungie and Activision. According to an IGN interview, Pete Parsons, the CEO of Bungie, declared that Shadowkeep represents an important starting mark in the ambitious plans of the newly independent studio to become a "greater entertainment company."

By the year 2025 Bungie wants to join the exclusive club of the best entertainment companies in the world. A great part of this planned growth will remain linked to the studio’s franchise Destiny. Countless game designers as well as Parsons' comments point to an evolving and united Destiny franchise built purposefully as an action-MMO.

According to Parsons, the game development team at Bungie feels confident about their ability to enhance the Destiny franchise business. While there is still a lot of work to achieve their goals, the developers of Destiny believe in the game’s potential to raise its global market share.

Aside from plans to transform the Destiny franchise, Bungie also plans to launch other game franchises by 2025. According to Parsons, the studio will already be multi-franchise company by that date. However, we don’t have more details about the "other franchises" planned by Bungie.

The only clue Parsons gave us is that Bungie will return to some of its original roots, both in as a publisher and as a developer. This leaves us with a wide franchises library. It remains to be seen which ones among them will inspire new games or what series will receive a successor or a modern sequel.

Parsons also talked briefly about the next-gen possibilities in his IGN’s interview. According to him, Bungie is extending to more platforms, from Xbox and PlayStation to Stadia and Steam. The studio is eager and ready to move into the next generation of gaming consoles. It remains to be seen how Bungie’s future game franchises will fit into those plans.

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