Prepare To Fight The Mythic Storm King In Upcoming Fortnite: Save The World Update

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Meet the Mythic Storm King.
Meet the Mythic Storm King. Epic Games

Fortnite: Save the World revealed that players are going to meet the Mythic Storm King when update 11.20 rolls in. This is going to be the most challenging battle the game has seen and offers players new mechanics, new challenges, and an enrage timer. For players who take on this challenge and succeed, they get the chance to earn Mythic weapons.

These unique weapons represent the Storm King both visually and with how powerful they are. Each weapon comes with a unique perk which unlocks special behaviors starting at level 1. In addition, the weapons drop exclusively from the Mythic Storm King. For players who want them, they have to be earned as they cannot be dropped from the backpack.

Roadmap Revealed

The Storm King is likely to arrive sometime in November, but players will experience a number of changes coming before its release. The current roadmap for Fortnite: Save the World is as follows:

  • v11 (Week of 10/15)
    • New Costumed Soldier
      • Plague Doctor Igor Returns
    • AFK / Leeching Improvements
      • In-game AFK has been F.O.R.Tified
        • The time before AFK players are removed from matches has been significantly reduced.
        • Players not contributing in public matches are going to receive a warning message on their screen, their team alerted, and then automatically removed from the session if they haven’t shaped up.
        • Players who are not contributing to objectives are going to receive less rewards than those who are actively participating.
    • Wild West Llama
      • Revamped and available for a limited time.
      • Cost 500 event tickets.
  • v11.01 (Week of 10/22)
    • Haunted Hotel Questline
    • New Spooky Outlander
    • Gravedigger Returns
  • v11.10 (Week of 10/29) - Fortnitemares Begins!
    • Fortnitemares Questline - Therewolf
    • Storm King breaks out of Canny Valley
    • Dire Returns
    • Ghost Pistol Returns
    • Fortnitemares Llama
      • Contains old fan favorites and a new weapon set.
      • Cost 500 event tickets.
      • This serves to replace the Wild West Llama.
    • Jack-O-Launcher returns
      • Collect all the Costume Party Survivors to unlock this returning launcher.
  • V11.10 Content Update (Week of 11/5)
    • Fortnitemares Questline - Summer Camp
    • Black Metal Scythe
    • Dusk Returns
    • Candycorn LMG Returns
  • V11.10 Content Update 2 (Week of 11/12)
    • Fortnitemares Questline - Monster Bride
    • Monster Constructor
    • Black Metal Sword
    • Music Pack
      • Unlock this music pack for your locker.
    • Raven Returns

Fortnite: Save the World also made some changes to the gameplay based on the concerns coming from the community. In particular, there was a need to shake up how the game is played in order to make sure that gameplay remained exciting with the renewed focus on counterplay. Players can expect changes to the how the traps work, for example. Traps are going to be more effective in some situations while also reducing exploitation in other situations. Adjustments are also going to be made for some of the AI to make them less frustrating.

Overall, players are likely to notice that the update is lighter than usual, especially for a ".00" release. This is because there is a need to shift to a less frequent cadence in order to have more meaningful updates. This also allows the game to diverge from shipping features around Battle Pass launches and to be able to release them in a more polished state.

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