Brawlhalla: Update 6.03 Features Galactic War Battle Pass for Season 5

Brawlhalla Season 5
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Season 5 of Brawlhalla is now underway. Here, Orion Prime and Event Horizon Artemis will fight one more time to see who ultimately wins. Update 6.03 features the new Galactic War Battle Pass that has a lot of goodies for you to unlock.

New Battle Pass

The Galactic War Battle Pass has plenty to offer. For one, it features really cool skins, including Astral Core Ada, Star Commander Fait, and Leonidas Onyx. A new Epic Skin is also available for Orion and an unlockable Progression Skin for Artemis that includes weapons and an animated skin for the third tier.

By default, you are on the free track that gives you access to two new maps for Free-for-All (FFA) and 2v2 queues. Furthermore, you can play the new Brawl of the Week called Ghosts Bubble Tag set in the new map: Void Minor.

Those willing to spend $9.99 can purchase the Gold Track that gives additional exclusive rewards, such as the new Progression Podium, the Event Horizon Artemis Progression Skin, Orion Prime Skin, Animated Avatars, and some Mammoth Coins.

Regardless of what Battle Pass track you’re on, you can access all weekly missions. Daily and General missions are available throughout the season as well.

Completing missions will not only reward you with Battle Pass XP but also Battle Gems that will measure your progress toward the next reward tier.

The Galactic War Battle Pass for Season 5 will last for 12 weeks.

Brawl of the Week

The Ghost Bubble Tag is now available. It is similar to the Bubble Tag game mode, except it uses the Ghost Brawl rules. Basically, you are invisible to other people when you’re not using your Legend’s powers. You can encase your opponents in bubbles by striking them.

When you’re captured, you will be placed inside a bubble. You can move around or dash towards your teammates, but you cannot attack at this time. You can be freed by your team either by attacking you or having them run into you.

The first team to reach five points wins.

Apart from the new battle pass and Brawl of the Week, the developers have implemented balancing changes for some large weapons. Additionally, certain Legends have received adjustments, including Ada, Gnash, and Mordex.

You can read the full patch notes on the game’s official website.

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