Brawlhalla Celebrates the Holidays with New Skins and a New Podium

Go and have fun.
Go and have fun. Blue Mammoth Games

It's that time of the year again to celebrate the holidays the Brawhalla way. This time, the Brawlhallidays 2021 is offering a lot of new skins, especially the ones for Gnash and Nix. Then, there's also the new Winner Wonderland’21 Podium.

Before we look into the new content that arrived this week, everyone’s a winner since all players can get the “Festive Brawler” Title for free by simply logging in to the game during the event. There's also a daily login bonus of 250 Gold as part of the celebration.

Back to the new content. To start things off, players are sure to love the Reindeer Games Gnash and White Out Nix skins. The other skins up for grabs are:

  • Festive Yeti Onyx
  • Nutcracker Cassidy
  • Santa Wu Shang
  • Future Spirit Artemis
  • Nutcracker Val
  • Nutcracker Bödvar
  • Snowman Kor
  • Krampus Cross
  • Holly Jolly Ember
  • Wreck the Halls Teros
  • Secret Santa Thatch

As mentioned, there is the new podium - Winner Wonderland’21 Podium. It's a jolly Podium that comes with new art and sound effects. Other new pieces of content include:

  • Colors
    • Winter Holiday Colors
  • ​KO Effect
    • Frostbite
  • ​Weapon Skin
    • Winter Daggers
  • ​Avatars
    • Bomby the Snowman
    • Mjolnir Snowflake

New Features

Right now, the game is testing out two new features. These are:

  • Dodge Cooldown
    • In Test Features, ground and aerial dodges now have an identical fixed cooldown.
    • This duration is slightly shorter than the current maximum aerial dodge cooldown.
    • This provides a more consistent window between dodges and allows for more reliable string routes when attacking an opponent after they dodge.
    • The new cooldown duration also means that players now have access to the Gravity Cancel mechanic at a slightly faster rate.
  • Easy Gravity Cancel
    • The window for initiating a Gravity Cancel from a directional dodge has been lowered from 5 frames to 3 frames.
    • This value is currently being tested to lower any unintended instances of Directional Gravity Cancels.

Brawl of the Week

This week, it’s all about Snowbrawl. Get a partner and go against another team in this 2v2 battle for three minutes. Get one point when hitting someone with a snowball and three points for getting a KO. Teams lose one point when a player is KO’d. Did we mention that damage is at 150%?

Learn more about the Brawlhallidays here.

Brawlhalla is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. There’s also a version for Android and iOS.

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