Brawhalla Patch 4.00 Introduces First Balance Changes For Onyx

Look who's getting a balance change.
Look who's getting a balance change. Blue Mammoth Games

Brawlhalla has released Patch 4.00 which brings with it the first ever balance changes for Onyx. In addition to the new changes, Onyx is also now tournament legal, which should be exciting for those who choose this Legend. The patch also brings balance changes to different weapons, nerfing some of the overperforming ones while improving the underperforming weapons.

That’s not all that arrived with the new patch. It also meant the official launch of Brawlhalla’s first ever Battle Pass Season One. You can read more about the Battle Pass and what it offers here.

The Gargoyle Gets Her First Update

Onyx was first introduced to Brawlhalla through Patch 3.58, which was released in March. This Legend was considered as a Guardian and Protector of Castle Batavia and has been offered a place in Valhalla. She fights opponents using her cannon and gauntlets.

With the update, Onyx is now available for 5400 Gold. In terms of balance changes, the focus was to make sure that her attacks were in line with their coverage as well as the potential reward. The Onyx Down Cannon, for example, got an increase in Force to 70 Fixed/49 Variable. The reason for this was that before the change, Onyx needed to inflict more damage just to score a knockout.

For the Side Cannon, Side Gauntlets, and Down Gauntlets, they now have more appropriate windows for response since it was found out they could be rotated through too quickly. The changes are:

  • Onyx Side Cannon
    • Increased total Recover time on miss to 24.
    • Increased Cooldown on miss to 20.
  • Onyx Side Gauntlets
    • Increased total Recover time to 21.
  • Onyx Down Gauntlets
    • Increased total Recover time on miss to 25.
    • Increased Cooldown time on miss to 24.

Weapon Changes

The cannon was originally reworked, and after that it was found out that the kit works better with Side Light providing consistent follow-up across most health ranges. Thus, for the Cannon Side Light, the Force is no longer fixed. Instead it now offers a range of 105~90 Fixed/0 Variable. In addition, the setup location during the later hit window is now closer. These changes should allow for consistent follow-ups.

Meanwhile, the Cannon Neutral Light has the time to hit decreased to nine. This should allow the cannon to be able to better contest other weapons, especially in tight quarters.

You can read the complete patch notes here.

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