‘Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’ Chapter 12 Recap: Daddy Issues

boruto manga chapter 12
Boruto and Tento get closer in Chapter 12 of the manga. Shonen Jump

With the Chunin exams complete, the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga moves forward with the next arc, which begins with Boruto babysitting the Daimyo's son, Tento, in a slow start to this new story.

How will chapter 12 progress the plot and make it interesting? Let’s dive right in. 

SPOILER ALERT! The following will spoil the events of the Boruto manga.

The chapter starts with Boruto going to where Tento is staying. Tento begins to ask Boruto to show him some ninja arts, starting with the Shadow Doppelganger jutsu. Boruto thinks back to when his teacher, Konohamaru, told him to act as if this were a more high-profile mission.

Boruto reluctantly performs the jutsu to summon four Shadow Clones to the delight of Tento. Seeing Tento so happy causes Boruto to think that this mission won’t be so bad. That is until Tento says the Hokage can make 1000 clones and what Boruto just did is shabby, which causes Boruto to change his thinking immediately.

boruto manga chapter 12 shadow
Boruto performing the Shadow Clone Jutsu. Photo: Shonen Jump

Tento asks to see the Transformation jutsu and Boruto smiles as he plans to shock him. Boruto uses the Transformation jutsu Ninja Centerfold he picked up from his father, Naruto. The young ninja follows up with the Ninja Harem jutsu and Tento seems to be shocked but then starts to laugh. The boy explains that he sees scantily clad women all the time at his house and that Boruto should have went with a normal woman instead of one that dresses so racy.

Upset, Boruto says Tento doesn’t have any friends. Tento is confused by this as he thinks he and Boruto are friends. Boruto tries to tell him otherwise but Tento doesn’t get it. Tento then pulls out a binder full of Extreme Ninja Cards, the same that Boruto was playing in the previous chapter.

Boruto looks through it and sees Tento has the super rare card that he’s been looking for. Tento tells him that he can have it since he has multiples of each card. 

The young ninja asks how he can get all of these cards when Tento pulls out his credit card and explains it was a gift from his father for his birthday. Since he could get whatever he wanted, he bought a whole hobby store instead of just packs.

tento credit card boruto manga chapter 12
Tento pulls out his Gisa Black Card. Photo: Shonen Jump

This has Boruto thinking back to before the Chunin Exams began, how he was trying to help Shikadai with his video game by putting in a cheat code but his friend told him it’s not fun if he takes a shortcut.

Tento explains to Boruto that he wants to become a ninja, and if Boruto teaches him ninjutsu then he can have the rare card he wants. Boruto agrees to teach Tento ninjutsu but won’t take the card; he would rather get it on his own. He tells Tento he should learn a defensive jutsu or two to protect himself, since he is the son of the Daimyo.

He tells Tento that he better not complain or cry about the training. Tento says he won’t but after some time training with shuriken, that’s exactly what Tento starts to do. Boruto explains you don’t “throw” shuriken, but strike them.

Boruto asks Tento if he’s not motivated enough to become a ninja, why did he say he wants to? Tento explains that his father always talked about ninja and how amazing they are. He wants to be a good ninja to get a card made of him so that his father will pay attention to him. Memories of Boruto and his father rush back to him and he tells Tento that he will stick with him until he gets it.

A short time later, the Daimyo’s advisor, Yamaoka, goes looking for Tento when he sees him training with Boruto. He puts a stop to it, telling Boruto that he was only supposed to be Tento’s bodyguard and that he went too far. Tento tries to explain it was his idea and Boruto convinces Yamaoka that he’s having more fun training to be a ninja than spending his father’s money. Yamaoka agrees, as long as he stays in that area.

Tento continues his shuriken training and after some time, he finally hits the target. The two are happy but then Tento says he needs to keep practicing or he won’t be able to do it again.

boruto manga chapter 12 shuriken
Tento finally hits the target. Photo: Shonen Jump


Boruto says that muscle memory and practice are key, but it’s still impossible hit the target 100 percent of the time. But if he keeps it up, his efforts will lead to something that you can’t buy with a credit card.

The two go to a diner and play cards. Boruto remembers Tento saying he never owned a Seventh Hokage card, so he gives it to Tento for hitting the bullseye.

Boruto then opens up to Tento about Naruto saying that he was like him once, wanting to get his father’s attention. He did a lot of stupid things, including getting banned from becoming a ninja. However, since he was forgiven by the village he can now continue his ninja training. Boruto says he may not be much now, but one day he wants to be an amazing ninja who supports the Hokage like Sasuke.

After a few days, Boruto’s mission is over and Tento asks if they can meet up again. Boruto replies that it’s a dumb question since they are friends. Tento begins to tear up and gives Boruto a hug.

In the top floor of one of the surrounding buildings, a man looks down at Tento and Boruto and begins to talk to someone else through an earpiece. He says the bodyguard is leaving and the person on the other line says they should move forward with the plan tonight. The man scoping out the situation asks if he has the “Face” and the other person says that once they have Tento, the Daimyo will have to give in to Mujina’s demands.

The chapter ends by revealing Yamaoka is the person on the other line.

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