‘Boruto: Naruto Next Generation’ Chapter 11 Recap: A Slow Start To A New Arc

boruto manga chapter 11
Chapter 11 of the 'Boruto' manga starts a new arc. Shonen Jump

With the Boruto movie arc concluded, the Boruto: Naruto Next Generation manga can begin to tell original stories with the next generation of ninja. When the first arc ended, Boruto was imbued with a special mark on his palm after defeating Momoshiki.

But now that the dust has settled, what’s next for Boruto, Sarada and the rest of the Konoha ninja? Well, we’re off to a slow start in this latest chapter, so we don’t find out that much. New characters are introduced and Boruto is put into another situation that he rather not be in.

So without further ado, let’s dive into Chapter 11 of the Boruto manga.

SPOILERS! The following will spoil the events of Chapter 11 of the Boruto manga. If you don’t want to know what happens turn back now.

The chapter starts with Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki running through a forest on a mission. Konohamaru is talking to the team through a wireless communication device and Boruto is clearly spacing out, not responding to his sensei’s orders.

Sarada tells Boruto to stop zoning out. He’s been acting weird lately and Sarada asks if he’s ok. He tells her he’s fine before looking down at his right palm and the mark left after the last big battle. Boruto thinks back to a talk with Sasuke about the mark. Sasuke says only Boruto and Sasuke (with his Rinnegan) saw what happened, but he’ll look into it. Still, Boruto needs to be aware of it because what happened “wasn’t normal.”

Boruto comes back to reality and immediately psychs himself up for the mission. There happened to be a robbery at the Konoha Bank and Team Boruto are tasked with finding the robbers. The three bandits think they got away when Mitsuki takes one of them out.

mitsuki boruto chapter 11 manga takedown
Mitsuki takes out a robber. Photo: Shonen Jump

Before the others can react, Sarada appears and punches one of the others using her incredible strength. The third ninja robber fights back using shuriken, but Sarada deflects them and gets in close before performing a Lion Combo, taking him out of the equation.

The ninja Sarada punched gets back up and assesses the situation. He talks about his boss and how he will deal with them. Sarada says he would like to meet this boss. The ninja attacks Sarada and appears to be gaining the upper hand over the young Uchiha. The ninja robber reveals a hidden blade under his sleeve and is about to strike her down when Boruto comes in for the save.

boruto manga chapter 11 save
Boruto saves Sarada from an armed ninja. Photo: Shonen Jump

The robber uses a smoke bomb to try and get away, and Sarada thinks that running back to his boss was the plan all along. Then Boruto creates a Rasengan and finds the robber hidden behind a tree and takes him out.

Sarada calls Boruto an idiot and says that he wasn’t listening to the mission’s objective the whole time. Sarada says that Boruto was supposed to just be backup but the young ninja constantly butts in. Boruto brushes the comments off and says he needs to meet up with Shikadai and his team. Konohamaru says that despite the main objective failing, the team did a good job.

Back in Konoha, we discover Tohno from the Scientific Ninja Tools Division was being manipulated by someone from outside the village and his actions in the previous arc were because of that. He did not know he was being manipulated.

Naruto asks if Boruto’s actions during the Chunin Exam also stemmed from this manipulation, but he’s informed that it was Boruto’s doing. Tohno’s persuasion was enough to make the Hokage’s son act that way.

However, it does seem that when Tohno was being manipulated he leaked information on the Ninja Tools to the enemy. Ibiki and Sai will be investigating this situation further and Shikamaru will handle Tohno’s interrogation.

Mirai, Asuma and Kurenai’s daughter, walks in and informs Naruto that Boruto’s team successfully captured the robbers to the joy of the Hokage.

Shikamaru asks about the robber’s boss and Mirai says he wasn’t with the group. Naruto asks about the boss and Shikamaru explains that Shojoji of the Corpse Doppelgangers is in the bingo book and has the special ability to transform memories of those he kills and transform into them.

Naruto says that he needs to be taken down, but Shikamaru tells the Hokage that he has an important meeting with the Land of Fire’s Daimyo.

Inside the village, the Daimyo is seen using a walkie talkie when his son Tento shows him cards he just bought. The Daimyo apologizes to his son, saying he can’t chat and must meet with the Hokage.

Tento looks upset but then tells his butler that he wants to buy more cards. He’s told the store only allows three pack purchases per customer, so the young man tells him to buy the entire store with a credit card.

Elsewhere, Boruto, Shikadai and the others are opening card packs and Boruto is upset to not get the card he’s looking for. Lee runs over to Boruto and the others to tell him that Konohamaru is looking for him at the Hokage’s office.

young lee boruto manga chapter 11
Lee going to deliver a message to Boruto. Photo: Shonen Jump

Once he arrives, Konohamaru tells him about a new mission for him alone: to accompany Tento for a few days. Tento makes some disparaging comments about Boruto’s attire and the young ninja doesn’t want to take the mission.

Boruto asks why him and not Sarada or Mitsuki, but the Daimyo personally picked Boruto for the task. Tento makes some condescending remarks and Boruto is ready to hit the kid as the young ninja’s mission begins.

And that’s Chapter 11 of the Boruto manga. What did you think of the first chapter of the new arc? Let us know in the comments section below.

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