Bloons TD Battles 2 Update 1.8: New Map, Banana Farmer and More!

Bloons TD Battles 2 Update 1.8
Bloons TD Battles 2 Update 1.8 Steam

The developers of Bloons TD Battles 2 released a new update that brought new features and bug fixes. Two of which are the Banana Farmer and Bloon Bot Factory, with more details found below.

Banana Farmer

The Banana Farmer provides assistance to players by picking up collectibles. The first pack is provided for free, and players can purchase additional Banana Farmers for Monkey Money. However, it should be noted that a Banana Farmer can only be used once and lasts either until the end of the game or until sold.

New Map: Bloon Bot Factory

The latest update features a new map found in ranked games from Lead Dungeon onward and in Casual, Private and Event games. The warning lights and sirens present next to the elevators give a signal when one of the elevators is about to descend. This provides players with an opportunity to react properly before their towers disappear.

Bloons TD Battles 2 Update 1.8

Balance Changes
Bloon Sends
  • Grouped leads: $160 > $150.
Boomerang Monkey
  • xx2 Red Hot Rangs: now provides +1d to leads/DDTs. 502 orbital rangs gain +5d to leads/DDTs.
Glue Gunner
  • 3xx Bloon Dissolver: attack rate 0.9 > 0.75 (4xx remains at 0.65).
Monkey Sub
  • 5xx Energizer: heroes in range level up +50% > +75% faster.
Monkey Ace
  • xx5 Flying Fortress: darts now deal +10 bonus damage to MOAB class.
Super Monkey
  • 3xx Sun Avatar: $16k > $15k- 5xx True Sun God: $500k > $400k.
Banana Farm
  • x3x Monkey Bank: $5500 > $5100.
Monkey Village
  • x5x Homeland defense: ability duration 20s > 17s.
Pat Fusty
  • Level 10: Cooldown increased 20 > 30- XP required per level increased by 7.14%.
Fusty the Snowman
  • Level 10: Cooldown increased 20 > 30- XP required per level increased by 7.14%.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed ZOMG Superdome’s spotlights flickering.
  • Fixed Pat Fusty’s Quick Snack level-up animation not looping correctly in the preview.
  • Fixed animated textures such as water ripples not scrolling correctly.
  • Fixed Season Rank Bonus popup text being cut off by the top of the screen.
  • Fixed issue where players may get stuck eternally syncing before a game.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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