Bloons TD Battles 2: Rounds 14 to 21 Now More Challenging in Update 1.9

Update 1.9
Update 1.9 Twitter/@btdbattles2

Update 1.9 for Bloons TD Battles 2 brought some pretty interesting changes. For those who think the game is easy, especially in the earlier rounds, Ninja Kiwi has made adjustments to ensure that it gets increasingly difficult starting Round 14.

In Round 14, players must be ready to battle 14 lead bloons instead of six. At Round 17, 160 yellow bloons will swarm the map, with the round duration reduced from 36 seconds to 27 seconds.

Things get a lot more challenging at Round 19. That’s because players will have to worry about 25 lead bloons, 20 zebra bloons, and 12 ceramic bloons in this round. The duration is still set at 25 seconds, but will players have enough time to beat them all?

And lastly, players will have to pop 20 camo rainbow bloons and 30 rainbow bloons. To defeat these bloons easier, players must be prepared with a Ninja Monkey and Sniper Monkey.

To help players get enough money to set up towers in the early to mid-game, the Banana Farm’s IMF Loan upgrade has been buffed in Bloons TD Battles 2 Update 1.9. The initial cooldown for the IMF Loan has been lowered from 30 to 20 seconds, allowing players to obtain the first two loans more quickly and with less downtime than before.

Patch Notes

  • Dark Monkey
    • 4xx Juggernaut: no longer deals 3x damage to leads/DDTs
    • 5xx Ultra-Juggernaut: main ball now does 5 bonus fortified damage
    • 5xx Ultra-Juggernaut: mini juggernaut ball now do 2 bonus fortified damage
  • Bomb Shooter
    • xx5 Bomb Blitz: passive ability damage $2,000 > $3,000
    • xx5 Bomb Blitz: no longer requires you to leak to activate (will now activate just before you leak, similar to xx5 super monkey’s portal. Still activates when losing lives from Ezili’s totem.) This change went live in 1.8 but was omitted from the patch notes by mistake.
  • Tack Shooter
    • 5xx Inferno Ring: meteor cooldown 7s > 4s
  • Glue Gunner
    • 3xx Bloon Dissolver damage interval 0.65s > 0.575s
    • 5xx Bloon Solver damage to MOAB class 7 > 9
    • xx4 Relentless Glue $3,000 > $2,400
  • Monkey Buccaneer
    • x4x Monkey Pirates: $5,000 > $5,250
  • Mortar Monkey
    • 3xx Shell Shock: $850 > $950
    • 502 The Biggest One: DoT damage increased 25 > 45
    • 204 Shattering Shells: DoT damage increased 5 > 8
    • xx5 Blooncineration: DoT interval 0.7 > 0.625
    • 205 Blooncineration: DoT damage increased 5 > 8
    • 205 Blooncineration: MOAB DoT damage increased 100 > 150
  • Wizard Monkey
    • 510 Archmage: fireball damage 3 > 9
    • 5xx Archmage’s fireball, wall of fire, dragon’s breath and shimmer have their attack speed doubled.
    • 500 Dragon's Breath now does +2 damage to MOABs
    • 510 Fireball now does +9 damage to MOABs
    • 520 Wall of Fire now does +1 damage to MOABs

The full balancing changes can be found on Steam.

Bloons TD Battles 2 Update 1.9 is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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