Bloons TD Battles 2: Latest Update Rebalanced Banana Farm for Early Game

Bloons TD Battles 2 Ninja Kiwi

Ninja Kiwi has made substantial changes to Banana Farm in Update 1.10.3 for Bloons TD Battles 2.

For the uninitiated, the Banana Farm is a support-class tower in Bloons TD Battles 2 that generates money. That said, players must choose between generating the majority of their income through Eco or building as many Banana Farms as they can.

Well, Ninja Kiwi rebalanced the Banana Farm recently, making it much more viable early on. First of all, the base cost of the Banana Farm has been reduced from $1,050 to $1,000.

Once they've generated enough money, players can upgrade to Banana Plantation, which also received a massive discount in Update 1.10.3. Now, the upgrade cost for this tower has been reduced from $2,700 to $2,600.

These adjustments would give players more rushing potential in the early to mid-game. However, they may have to change their money-making strategies in the end game. That's because the cost of upgrading to Banana Central and Monkey Wall Street has increased to $73,000 and $46,000, respectively.

Patch Notes

General Changes

  • Player Profile
    • The "Overall" tab on the Player Profile now shows the current and highest win streaks across all game modes (except private).
    • Previously, it would show the better streak from casual or ranked mode but would not combine them or include event games.
  • Accolades
    • Visual improvements to map accolades.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Super Monkey Fan Club transformation being reverted when upgrading a transformed monkey.
  • Minor text fixes
  • Fixed sent DDTs and BADs spawning on the wrong path on Glade.
  • Fixed crash when claiming a gifted Banana Farmer from Support.
  • Fixed incorrect icon showing for tight bloon sends. Tight ZOMGs, Ceramics and DDT sends now show 3 bloons on the icon instead of 2.
  • Fixed Agent Jericho and Highwayman Jericho's bloon adjustment favoring camo bloons more than any other modifier (as mentioned in the Jericho balance changes).
  • Fixed First target priority getting confused when the secret passage is open on COBRA Command.
  • Fixed button on COBRA Command being small and difficult to press.
  • Fixed Agent Jericho's legs clipping with the bench in his Retro Reconnaissance matchup animation.
  • Fixed missing hair texture on Highwayman Jericho's Good Manners matchup animation.
  • Fixed Activated Ability quantity showing when there is only one tower with the ability.
  • Fixed Agent Jericho's head clipping through the hatch in his Breaking and Entering matchup animation.
  • Fixed DJ Ben Jammin' losing his microphone in the Make Some Noise matchup animation.
  • Fixed Battle Points counter disappearing after opening a free chest
  • Fixed upgrades not being bought despite being charged for them if they were bought too soon after buying the tower.
  • Fixed in-game Hero XP not being awarded correctly after disconnecting and reconnecting to a game.

What can you say about the recent Banana Farm adjustments in Bloons TD Battles 2 Update 1.10.3?

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