Bloons TD Battles 2: Update 1.9.1 Nerfs Bloon Sends to Curb Money-Making in the Early Game

Update 1.9
Update 1.9 Twitter/@btdbattles2

Bloons TD Battles 2 players were heavily reliant on Bloon Sends recently, which urged Ninja Kiwi to step in and do something about it. Thus, Update 1.9.1 nerfed Bloon Sends a little bit.

For those who are new to Bloons TD Battles 2, Bloon Sends are groups of bloons that people can send to the opposing player. Doing so can impact one’s income generation (aka eco). Weaker bloons sent to the enemy provide positive income generation, while stronger bloons may result in eco penalty.

That said, the dev team stated that income strategies involving Bloon Sends have allowed players to earn way too much money in the early game. This meant that Bloon Sends were a mandatory part of one’s strategy even with the presence of Banana Farms. That is why they reduced the income value of the most efficient early Bloon Sends in this patch. The adjustments now make Bloon Sends more of a choice rather than a necessity.

Here are the changes:

  • Grouped reds income 1 > 0.9
  • Spaced blues income 1 > 0.8
  • Grouped blues income 1.1 > 1
  • Spaced greens income 1.2 > 0.9
  • Spaced yellows income 1.5 > 1.2
  • Spaced pinks income 1.5 > 1.4
  • Spaced purples income 3.5 > 3.3
  • Spaced zebras income 2.8 > 2.7
  • Spaced leads income 3 > 2.8
  • Spaced rainbows $85 > $70
  • Spaced rainbows income 3.8 > 3

Other balancing adjustments have been implemented as well. For instance, the Monkey Buccaneer’s xx1 Long Range upgrade has its price increased from $180 to $300. This is because the pierce buff it gives to the Grape Shot is a bit too powerful for a relatively low investment.


  • Bloon Bot Factory
    • Flying towers like the Monkey Ace, Heli Pilot, and Phoenix will continue to function even if their base has gone down with the elevator.
    • Pools have been made slightly smaller so that you can no longer place both a Buccaneer and Pat in the same pool.
    • Buffs from monkeys and heroes that affect the entire map, such as Striker Jones’ level 5 or the 5xx Banana Farm, will continue to work even if the tower has gone down with the elevator.
    • We noticed that Pat Fusty and the Buccaneer were dominating play on this map and that very few players were engaging with the elevators. We hope that these changes, along with the change to Ocean Obyn, will allow for more viable strategies when playing in Bloon Bot Factory.
  • Alchemist
    • x2x Perishing Potions: DoT damage interval 0.75s > 1s
    • x2x Perishing Potions: duration 2.25s > 3s
    • Base pierce 15 > 14
    • 1xx Larger Potions: pierce bonus +8 > +6
    • The alchemist is showing to be very strong in the early and mid-game at group popping power. These changes should bring it slightly more in line with other towers that serve a similar role.

So, what can you say about the nerfed early Bloon Sends in Bloons TD Battles 2 Update 1.9.1?

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