Bloons TD Battles 2: Two New Event Game Modes Added in Update 1.9

Update 1.9
Update 1.9 Twitter/@btdbattles2

Two fun new event-based game modes have been added to the exciting tower defense game Bloons TD Battles 2 in Update 1.9.

First featured in Bloons TD Battles Mobile, Bananza is a new limited-time game mode where all sources of cash and income changes from bloon sends are doubled. Unlike in normal matches, Bananza can last up to 99 rounds instead of 40. On top of that, Sudden Death begins in Round 100.

The other one is called No Pain, No Gain. In this brand-new game mode, all heroes, towers, upgrades, and bloon sends cost twice as much at the start of the battle as they normally do. Prices only begin to drop whenever you lose life, and they can go down as low as 0.7x at one life. This grants a high-risk, high-reward style of play. If you want to try the No Pain, No Gain game mode, how much are you willing to risk to get the best prices?


  • Season 11
    • A brand new bling season has started!
    • Unlock awesome new cosmetics by earning Golden Bananas including the Drone MOAB and the Lightning Pops.
    • Collect new items for Gwendolin and Smudge Catt Ezili in two new hero showcases: Sports Fan and Cat in a Hat.
  • New Map: Thin Ice
    • This new map is available in all game modes and all arenas.
    • Break the ice to free up valuable placement areas for your water towers.
  • Returning Showcases
    • Pat Fusty’s King Fusty showcase and Fusty the Snowman’s Snow Sculptures showcase from Season 9 will now appear periodically as an IAP (In-app Purchase) for those who missed them.
  • Tutorial Changes
    • The first stage of the tutorial is now optional for new players.
    • Players who choose to skip the tutorial can play it later from the Battle School menu.
  • Fixed tower boost effects only playing once when previewed in the main menu.
  • Fixed rare instance where it was possible to be charged for all 3 upgrades of a single tier.
  • Fixed opponent hero having an incorrect reaction to Smudge Catt’s Santa Paws taunt.
  • Fixed door on the x5x Monkey Sub not animating.
  • Fixed placement effects layering under the ground on the Oasis map.
  • Fixed visual issues with Striker Jones’ animations.
  • Fixed trees and windmill not animating on the Social screen.
  • Fixed xx5 Heli Pilot’s mini comanches still attacking while the heli pilot is disabled by the elevator on Bloon Bot Factory.
  • Fixed rivers flowing the wrong way on the Hall of Masters loading screen.

Bloons TD Battles 2 Update 1.9 is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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