Bloons TD Battles 2: Bloon Sends Eco Adjustments Implemented in Update 1.4

Update 1.4
Update 1.4 Steam

Update 1.4 for Bloons TD Battles 2 brought a lot of interesting things, from the new limited-time events to some eco changes for Bloon Sends.

Bloons Sends in BTD 2 is basically where you send bloons to the opponent, and it affects your income generation (also called eco) depending on the quality of the bloons dispatched.

That said, some of the bloons that you can send received changes to their eco. For instance, Grouped Rainbow Bloons have their eco changed to six. Besides that, the eco of Spaced Lead Bloons is reduced to three.

The Dartling Gunner is a prolific tower in Bloons TD Battles 2, although it got nerfed several times, the developers made some balancing adjustments again in Update 1.4. The price of the tower is lowered to $750, and its base pierce value is reduced to two. Don’t worry about the nerf because the pierce value of the xx2 Powerful Darts upgrade is increased to +4 to keep the Dartling Gunner’s potency in the mid-game.

The other balancing changes made in Update 1.4 are:

Bloon Sends
  • Grouped zebras eco changed from 2.5 > 3.5
  • Spaced rainbows eco changed from 3 > 4
  • Tight ceramics unlock round changed from 30 > 28
Dart Monkey
  • x4x Super Monkey Fan Club: Range of monkeys affected by the ability increased from 40 > 50
Boomerang Monkey
  • xx5 MOAB Domination: special kylie MOAB damage increased from 20 > 30
Ice Monkey
  • x3x Arctic Wind: increase the amount bloons are slowed from 50% > 60%
  • x5x Absolute Zero: Increase the amount bloons are slowed from 70% > 80%
  • 5xx Super Brittle: $32k > $34k
Glue Gunner
  • 3xx Bloon Dissolver: +1 damage to MOAB class
  • xx3 Moab Glue: $3.4k > $3.2k
  • x5x Glue Storm: $15k > $14k
Monkey Ace
  • -x2x Spy Plane: grants +1 damage bonus damage to camo bloons from all weapons
  • -4xx Operation Dart Storm: +1 pierce to darts
  • -xx5 Flying Fortress
    • Dart damage increased from 2 > 4
    • Bomb damage increased from 3 > 5
Mortar Monkey
  • Base: $750 > $700
  • Footprint size decreased from 11 > 8
  • 1xx Bigger Blast: $500 > $350
  • 3xx Shell Shock: $900 > $850
  • 5xx The Biggest One: damage to MOAB class increased from 50 > 60
Wizard Monkey
  • 3xx Arcane Mastery: $1.3k > $1.2k
  • 3xx Arcane Mastery damage type changed from energy > plasma (now able to pop leads)
  • 4xx Arcane Spike: $10k > $9k and +4 damage to leads/DDTs
  • 5xx Archmage: +8 damage to leads/DDTs
  • xx3 Shimmer: $1.7k > $1.5k

The full changelog can be found on Steam.

Bloons TD Battles 2 Update 1.4 is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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