Bloons TD 6: Update 30 Introduces Sunken Columns; Co-op Split Editing

Bloons TD 6 Update 30
Bloons TD 6 Update 30 Steam

Update 30 for Bloons TD 6 is finally here. This huge patch introduces a lot of new content, including a new map and a new co-op feature. Read ahead to learn more.

New Content

Co-op Split Editing is one of the many features introduced in Update 30. Every time you start a co-op game, you can choose which co-op split to use for the particular match. Developer Ninja Kiwi has added two new splits in Radioactive and Stairs, which are also available in co-op Challenges and boss events.

Aside from that, you can do battle in the Sunken Columns. This map was originally introduced in Bloons TD Battles 2 but is given the BTD6 treatment where the devs took into consideration the nuances of the game.

Those who love Psi can purchase the new skin called “Psimbals,” which gives the hero a more lively, cymbal-banging monkey look.

Major Changes

The developers are giving you full control in managing game audio. By popular demand, pet sounds can now be toggled on or off separately. In addition, there is now a dedicated volume control for hero voices.

On top of that, the Trophy Store now has filters. For instance, subcategory filters have been added to the inventory and store sections to help you find what you’re looking for easier.


  • New Achievements
    • Sticky Situation: Glue 500,000 Bloons
    • Big Spender: Spend 1,000,000 cash in one round
    • The Daily Reid: Win 365 unique daily challenges
    • I'll Be Back: Spend 1,000 Monkey Money on Continues or Checkpoints
  • New Monkey Knowledge (MK)
    • Bionic Augmentation: Allows Turbo Charge ability to grant boomers camo vision
    • Bonus Glue Gunner: Instead of a free Dart Monkey, you may now choose to start with a free Glue Gunner instead
    • X-ray Ultra: Allows Ultravision super monkeys to see, target, and shoot through blocking objects
  • New Trophy Store Items
    • Heroes: Striker Jones: German shepherd pet, ETn Beam Down placement
    • Monkeys: Necromancer Wizard Chomp Zombies projectile swap, Heli Pilot Hummingbird pet
    • Co-op: Thinking Monkey emote
  • Optimizations made to the trophy store for loading and performance
  • Added a timer to the freeplay, restart, and continue buttons in co-op. This delay will be shown on the buttons
  • Resolved some issues with UI being offset incorrectly on some devices and resolutions
  • Boss menu can no longer be entered without an internet connection
  • Dart Monkey
    • 4xx Juggernaut ceramic bonus increased to 3
    • xx5 Crossbow Master price reduced to $23,500
  • Boomerang Monkey
    • 5xx Glaive Lord main attack damage increased to 8
    • x3x Bionic Boomerang price reduced to 1450
  • Druid
    • 000 Druid price reduced to $400
    • 3xx Druid of the Storm price reduced to $1650
    • Cold Front MK now increases chance from 25% to 100

You can read the full patch notes on the game’s official Steam page.

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