Bloons TD 6: Update 29 Brings Two New Key Features

Bloons TD 6 Update 29
Bloons TD 6 Update 29 Steam

Update 29 for Bloons TD 6 is now available for download. It brings new features, such as a new Paragon Tower and improved Co-op Lobbies. Several other changes can also be expected.

New Tower

This update introduced the new Paragon Tower, Navarch of the Seas. It is quite special as it combines the main features of the Pirate Lord, Carrier Flagship, and Trade Empire.

The tower is fitted with six triple-turrets that can unload 10 arrowhead grapes and 3 explosive rounds to your enemies.

It is equipped with six kinetic harpoon beams as well. These things can take down even MOAB-class Bloons so long as they are of ZOMG strength or below. The Navarch of the Seas can be yours by upgrading the Monkey Buccaneer.

Lobbies 2.0

Co-op Lobbies have been improved. Now, you can tweak the options once you’ve created the lobby itself. This includes the difficulty, map, number of slots, and mode.

While you can set anything after its creation, you can no longer adjust the settings when you’ve made the lobby public. This is intended to discourage other people from coming together and then leaving just because the lobby settings have been changed by the host.

When you want to join local lobbies, you will find that the profile, avatar, and banner are displayed now instead of the map itself. The developers feel that these are more important factors when one searches for a lobby.

Lastly, the short/easy button has been removed and is replaced with the Any Game, Medium Game, and Long Game options. This is in response to the community’s preference to engage in longer battles.

Update 29 Highlights

  • Intermediate map: Quiet Street
  • Hero Skin: Ezili - Galaxili skin
  • New Trophy Store items:
    • Heroes: Psi Bison pet
    • Monkeys: Village - Australia Flag
    • Co-op: Emote - Cool Ben, Emote - Biker Bones Rage
  • Added 2 new sliders for people to play within the Challenge Editor. An Ability Cooldown % modifier as well as a Removable Object cost modifier. Maxing out this Removable Cost modifier in either direction will either make all removables Free or completely Disabled for interaction
  • Added some stat tracking for players to view on Daily & Advanced Challenges
  • Continues & Restarts in co-op will now send a message to other players saying that they have been used
  • New Co-op Callouts: Boss Crusher, Well Rounded, Endless Power
  • A lot of general polishing improvements were made to the new Review Mode
  • Resolved a number of issues with co-op reconnection
  • Resolved an issue preventing some android issues from loading correctly
  • Resolved some high resolution broken UI issues
  • Odyssey no longer visually shows ‘claimed’ on maps for first-time completion
  • The "Windows" key should no longer be assignable as a hotkey due to issues caused by its normal functions
  • Resolve a number of input issues raised in the latest Unity update

Bloons TD 6 Update 29 is now available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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